Wedding night
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Wedding night

By Daddy dee   14th May 2018
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I have waited for so long,
And thank God I'm still strong.
Today is the D-day,
Please, there should be no delay.

I can't wait to be taken to another world,
Where my rod will be my sword.
It's not easy to wait,
Please, open the gate.

I'm seriously in haste, 
Please, dear, no time to waste.
My reaction might look strange,
Mind you, it's not about the age.

Take me to the world of ecstasy,
And let me feel the delicacy.
My heart has already gone far,
We don't need the road to be tarred.

You have boasted your will be the actor,
But I promise you, you will hail me in this sector.
So, let's get it started to know the winner,
I'm very sure you gonna enjoy it beyond dinner.

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