Shattered love Part 3
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Shattered love Part 3

By Obi   14th Jun 2018
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Life in Rivers state is quite different compared to Lagos. The cost of living here is on the higher side. I knew it was just a matter of time before I settled fully here and think about how to start a new family.

I was at work one morning when Janet called to break the news to me: her younger sister had just passed on few hours ago. I felt so bad. I have been opportune to speak to her over the phone a couple of times. I always looked forward to the day I was finally going to meet her in person, but death denied me of that chance.

I called Wizzy to help me travel down to Osun. I needed to pay Janet a visit and console her; I needed to be there for her family in this trying times.


I couldn’t turn down Shola’s request. Janet was in a bad shape after the unfortunate happened. It took me just four hours to travel down to Osun, where Janet’s family resides. It was really a sad moment to witness the death of such a young girl who was just about to hit the age of twenty.

I spent some few hours with her family before returning to Lagos. I got home very late in the evening. I scrolled through the channels on television when I stumbled on a movie titled, ‘Loosing you’. I’m not a big fan of NollyWood, but I was captivated by the theme of this particular movie. The protagonists were two lovers who couldn’t get married, owing to their genotype status. Just then, I remembered what Janet told me earlier in the day as far as her sister’s death was concerned, “She fell victim to sickle cell anaemia.”

Mogbe! My friend is walking on gun powder.

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Kofi Elikemposted on 14th Jun 2018 11:53:58

No! Certainly not what I'm expecting

Shattered love

Table of Contents

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