This girl called Naa Part 2
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KODJO ASAMOAH  15th Jun 2018
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The words slowly rolled out my tongue as I shifted my head so she wouldn’t know how timid and scared I was. There was a brief pause as both of us didn’t know what to say next. I stuttered, as I asked her what her name was, just to break the silence. She introduced herself as Naa, a business class student.

“Business class?” I quizzed, pretending I had not heard what she said.

“Yes, business class,” she responded.

I looked into her eyes for a moment and replied, “I’m also a business student”, thinking this would be the perfect ice breaker that would chart the path for a fluid conversation.

I further pried into her academics and asked about her course combinations. One would think being the one asking the question, I would bother to listen to her response; but no, I was love struck. This was the most beautiful girl I had seen since setting foot on this campus.

I could hear my friend, Kobby, and his girlfriend laughing loudly at me. They sense my naivety and couldn’t control their laughter. This made things worse for me. I started to precipitate profusely. My hands became itchy all of a sudden and I begun to tremble. I hoped she didn’t notice.

I felt really terrible. Here I was, looking a complete mess and totally helpless in front of a girl I actually liked. Trying to better the circumstance, I suggested we all go to the cafeteria and get something to drink, for I was thirsty. Kobby packed up our stuff and we proceeded to the cafeteria. We had the girls walking in front so I could have the chance to get a few pointers from him. Obviously, he began with teasing, calling me a “Jon” boy who couldn’t woo a girl. All this while, my eyes were fixed on this girl. I just didn’t know what drew me to her but I could feel this wild sensation all over my body. Her strides were going majestically; the way her body moved was a sight to behold. This girl was perfect. I considered myself very lucky.

Kobby told me to let go of my timidity and just speak from my heart. “I know you’re good with words, just muster courage and speak from your heart. Just put whatever you’re feeling on the inside to words and she’ll fall right into your hands”.

I looked at him thinking, “Is this boy mad? If I could say how I felt, would I be asking him for pointers?” He knew I was I worried from the look in my eyes. He repeated that I should just be myself and feel comfortable around her; the words will roll right out. I took his advice because this was a guy dating three different girls in different year groups. He must know what he is talking about.

We finally got to the cafeteria and I ordered for a bottle of CocaCola. Naa to my surprise, said she’ll be okay with water. She had the chance to order whatever she wanted from the cafeteria but chose water instead. I was in shock. My female friends would have ordered for almost everything in this cafeteria.

I took out a seat for her and joined her. She looked me in the eyes and her face bore the most perfect smile in the world. This comforted me because I felt it was a sign she liked me too. I proceeded to tell her about myself and how things were at the boys side of campus. It was not the normal way a guy would woo a lady but she seemed to enjoy the conversation. I felt like I could talk to her forever. She laughed at all my jokes, even those which were not funny. Soon enough, it was time to say our goodbyes. I told her how much I enjoyed her company and would love to meet her again. She didn’t respond but smiled at me. I knew that meant ‘yes’.

To be continued...

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Comments (8)

Mattposted on 19th Sep 2018 07:35:36

@Kodjo, when is the next episode coming out?

Courageposted on 3rd Jul 2018 07:17:14

This is getting very interesting. Next episode please...

Kodjo Asamoahposted on 2nd Jul 2018 19:25:03

Hey guys, really appreciate the feed back. Second part is in, hope you do love it as you did the first. Thanks

Big Samposted on 24th Jun 2018 11:54:23

Wow Kojo! Canโ€™t wait for the continuation ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป

pamelaposted on 5th May 2018 22:36:27

Please when is the next episode coming I can't wait ๐Ÿ˜˜

Country Talesposted on 31st Mar 2018 22:06:43

@Helen... We will publish it as soon as the author submits the second part

Helenposted on 31st Mar 2018 17:29:22

Nice one next pls

Ijiomaposted on 10th Mar 2018 11:12:10

Nice story. Waiting for the continuation

This girl called Naa

Table of Contents

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