I will wait
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I will wait

By obi   28th Jun 2018
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I have always had this feeling;
From the first day I met you, I knew you are the one for me.
It is you that make my morning brighter,
You who make me want to be better.
I’ve always had fantasies about you,
Yet I still do not know how to express myself to you.
I’ve loved you from the day I set eyes on you,
From the moment we became close, and then friends.
Even those moments we had our fights, till the day you left,
I’ve never loved another the way I loved you;
Never looked at a lady the way I looked at you.
Yet I still do not know how to tell you what I feel for you,
It’s something eternal, one which was ordained by God.

Your face brings joy to my heart;
Your smile is my smile.
I do not know if I am worthy of you,
But no matter what, I’ll always love you,
Even if you never did understand my feelings.
I’ll take you the way you are,
I am that man who can fight the world for you.
My only hope is that you see through my little heart and let me into your own. I want to mend those broken memories,
Want to build those shattered trust,
And want to hold you till my dyeing breath,
Want you to feel love and be loved.
I may not be your dream guy but surely I’m the real guy.
I will wait even if it takes a thousand years for you to tell me how much you love me,
Because I see it in your eyes, but your reactions do not say the same.
For you, I will wait,
Siting at the place where our story started.

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Comments (8)

Brian Nyaderaposted on 12th Jul 2019 13:22:19

That's a great piece. Lots of love

Big Samposted on 26th Nov 2018 10:01:23

Great love piece! Relating this is real to what most of us face to say to ladies we admire the most lol......

Nyashahposted on 28th Sep 2018 10:32:38

This melted my heart

Kofi Elikemposted on 27th Jul 2018 09:56:19

@Timothy... we need more

timothy uwaehileposted on 6th Jul 2018 08:47:44

Thanks a lot chika and cynthia, @Kofi Elikem, i really appreciate...

Cynthiaposted on 28th Jun 2018 19:03:45

nice peom

Chikaposted on 28th Jun 2018 07:45:43

Nice poem

Kofi Elikemposted on 28th Jun 2018 07:06:12

I don't usually read poems but this one got me reading till the very end. Thanks Obi