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On our way home, Mr Paul and I engaged in a lengthy conversation while he drove. He changed the topic just when things were about to get interesting;

“Are you a Christian?” he asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, it may sound like I’m intruding...”

“Mr Paul, feel free and say whatever you want to say,” I interrupted.

“Miss Daniella, once again I’m sorry for intruding.”

“Intrude? You have my permission,” I said.

“I think you should start praying about him.”

“About who?” I asked.

“Mr. Daniel,” he replied.

“You are still talking in parables, Mr Paul.”

“I think he really likes you. I’m a man and I know when a man likes a woman. I can see it in his eyes that he likes you so much.”

“How can I start praying about someone I just met?”

“I know you just met him, but that does not change the fact that he likes you. Anytime I visit him in the hotel, he only talks about two things: work and you.”

“He talks about me?”

“Yes, he does. He didn’t tell me he likes you, but there’s a way your name always come up in all our conversation.”


“I will advice you start praying now, because one thing is sure: he would like to be with you when he comes back finally to Nigeria.”

“Did he tell you he has a girlfriend in the State?” I asked.

“Yes! But she has broken up with him,” he replied.

“What if she decides to come back to Nigeria with him?”

“We are not sure of that, but from what he said, I think the lady had already made up her mind.”

“Thanks for the advice. I’ll think about it.”

Some minutes later, he pulled over in front of my house. I alighted and thanked him. He promise to keep in touch.


I got into the house and I met my parent in the sitting room. I had already informed them earlier that I was going to see a friend off to the airport. We exchanged greetings and they asked about my friend. I answered them. I got to my room, took my bath and changed into my night wear.

I lay on my bed and thought about everything Mr Paul had said. I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me Daniel likes me; I like him too. My only concern is that we don’t really know each other, and of course he has a standby girlfriend; there’s all possibility that she can come back.

I said my prayers before I slept that night. I also prayed for Daniel to have a safe trip too. While praying, I remembered what Mr Paul said.

“Lord, let thy will be done,” I muttered before sleeping.

I woke up around 5 AM and had my quiet time. I was about rounding up when my mum called me; it was time for devotion. I was on my way to the sitting room to join the rest of the family for morning devotion when I heard my phone ringing. It was Daniel. We exchanged greetings. He told me he had arrived safely in New York.

“Good to hear. Thank God for the safe trip,” I said.

Pamilerin!” My mummy called out again.

“I can hear someone calling you,“ he said.

“It’s my mum. It’s time for family devotion, I have to go now.” I informed him.

“I’ll call back later,” he said and hung up.


He called back in the evening and we talked at length. He told me how much he missed me and Mr Paul, but he missed me more. He even told me his family members said he has changed ever since he came back.

“Changed how?” I asked.

“They said my countenance changed ever since I came back from Nigeria.” He added, “I told them I’m happy that my IT firm is kicking off soon, but my younger sister insisted there’s more to it. And of a truth, there’s more to it.”

“There’s more to it?”


“So what did you now tell them?” I asked.

“I told them about you of course,” he replied.

“Me? What did you tell them about me?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you what I told them later, but trust me it’s not something bad.”

“Haha, you can’t be serious. I need to know what you told them.”

“Don’t sweat over it, I won’t tell you now. I will tell you later.”

“OK, if you insist.”

“I want to end this call now, let’s talk on Skype. I’ve missed that pretty face. Is that okay with you?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s okay.”

He dropped the call and called backed on Skype. We continued our talk via video chat.

“I want to hear your voice and see this face everyday until I come back to Nigeria. Will you oblige me?” he asked.

“Everyday? That’s funny.”

“I’m not joking, I’m serious here. Just give me the go ahead.”

“Mr Daniel, we barely know each other. What could we possibly be discussing everyday?”

“I thought we’ve passed that stage, Miss Daniella.” He said calmly, “We can still over rule the fact that we just met. That’s why I’m doing all this; I want to know you, I want us to know each other better.”

“It’s OK. But...”

“What’s the ‘but’ for?”

“Let’s make the video calls on weekends only.”

“If that’s what you want, it’s okay by me,” he said.

“One more thing,” he said, “Let’s drop this ‘Mr’ and ‘Miss’ thing. Just call me Daniel.“

“Just call me Daniella too,” I said and we both laughed.

Some minutes later, we ended the video call.

I think he likes me but I must thread carefully, considering where I’m coming from. More so, he has a girlfriend in the States who can decide to change her mind and come back any time she wants. I decided not to raise my hopes or have any expectations.

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Peristo goldposted on 6th Jun 2020 13:10:53

Oo my god! I really love this novel i feel like hugging danielle

Country Talesposted on 8th Sep 2019 09:01:45

@Edna... Thanks for your comment. The author of this story (Toyin Rachael) will be glad to read your comment. For now, we only have one book written by this author. We will keep you posted when she publishes another story on our platform.

Edna Oigiagbeposted on 7th Sep 2019 21:08:58

i love this story.I need more interesting story for this writer.

Adrianposted on 11th Aug 2019 23:45:22

Interesting. I love the introduction

Piousposted on 4th Oct 2018 15:19:50

Next episode please...

Nyashahposted on 27th Sep 2018 08:03:18

This is the first story I read on this side and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really loved the happy ending

Joeposted on 13th Sep 2018 00:24:03

Best story ever!


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