Caught in the moment Ch. 2 Ep. 20
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"Jovita, can you please brief me on the competition?"

I asked. I needed to know how the competition had always been conducted. I planned to introduce something new.

"Okay. What we usually do is this: the lead model – which is you – would supervise the gowns and suits to be worn. On the day of the competition, we would march out and showcase ourselves. The best team wins."

I thought for a while;

"Is it just gowns and suit? Nothing else?"

They all nodded to my question.

"Jovita, you would put on a strap jacket, a pair of jeans and white canvas."

They all had strange looks on their faces; I guess this was something new to them.

"Listen, what gives us the edge in this competition is the difference we bring on board. This is a fashion house, and we sell lots of clothes and shoes. We don’t base on gowns alone, do we?”

Nobody objected, so I assumed they all understood me.

"You, Victor…" I referred to one male model. "You will put on a pair of jeans trousers with a fleet dark jacket, a golden wrist watch and a brown timberland."

I was getting their attention now. I made sure the selection was mixed. I reduced the models wearing gowns and suits to just three. The House of Earl was about to experience something different.

"Alright, double time girls, we got this."

We began to sew out our styles. I sang whenever I noticed we were getting tired.

"Wow! You've got such a pretty voice, Bukky."

Diana, one of the dark skinned girls commented. She was a beauty to behold; black indeed is beautiful.

I wondered what Vodka was up to now. I made sure all my trainings and clothes were kept confidential; there was no way I would let that devil know of my plans.

That whole week, I didn’t focus on both Jeremy and David; I didn’t even have enough time for myself let alone spend some thinking about them. Although Jeremy still came around to cheer me up from time to time, I still longed for David to at least show up and tell me what I was doing was right; he did a day to the finale.

"I know you would make me proud," he said when I met him in the hallway.

There was not enough words to say; his words really served as a big boost to my courage. I gave him a big hug and sighed in relief.

"Thanks David."

The big day finally came. I won't deny the fact that I was extremely timid. I wore a stilettos gown with strap up heels. I made sure I visited Madam Clara before the competition started. Vodka's team was exquisite too; they marched out with their gowns. The soft music that accompanied them was good, until it got to my turn.

"What's wrong?"

I asked the DJ why he wasn't playing our song.

"I can't find the plate; it’s gone, and my media player's wire has been damaged."

Oh no! This is the handiwork of Vodka!!

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