Wrong number Ep. 28
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For days, he didn’t call me. I wanted to call him but I couldn’t, I need to give him time and space. If we are meant for each other, I believe he’ll come back. I prayed and committed everything into Gods hands; all I want is for God to have His way and bring him back if he’s truly mine.

I made up my mind not to call him. It wasn’t easy for me. I missed him so much. It felt like a very important part of me had been taken away, but I had no choice than to wait.


Tunde kept on calling but I ignored his calls. I logged onto Facebook and I saw a friend request from Francis – Tunde’s friend and former co-tenant – he was the one who gave me the address to his new house back then.

I accepted his request and we had a chat via Facebook messenger. I told him I needed his number and he sent it. I called him immediately.

I explained everything that was going on between Tunde and I. The guy made me understand that Tunde's girlfriend, Antonia, ruined his life and ran away with everything he had.

“He even took loans worth millions of Naira from the bank to establish her. Now he has been fired from the oil company when they realised the huge amount of debt he had incurred," he explained.

“So must he take out his frustrations on me? Is that why he was bent on destroying my own relationship and happiness?” I asked the guy.

“The challenges he’s facing right now has turned him into something else. In fact, he needs special attention at this time. If you see him now, you’ll pity him.” he added.

He advised me to deal with him wisely. He told me he’s depressed and searching for where to find comfort. I thanked the guy and ended the call.


A week later, Daniel gave me a call on Friday evening. He said he’d like us to meet at his place the next day. He sounded formal, no greetings, his voice was firm. He didn’t even sound like he missed me or something. He didn’t even give me the chance to say anything. The only thing I had the opportunity of saying to him was “I’ll see you tomorrow” and he ended the call.

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Peristo goldposted on 6th Jun 2020 13:10:53

Oo my god! I really love this novel i feel like hugging danielle

Country Talesposted on 8th Sep 2019 09:01:45

@Edna... Thanks for your comment. The author of this story (Toyin Rachael) will be glad to read your comment. For now, we only have one book written by this author. We will keep you posted when she publishes another story on our platform.

Edna Oigiagbeposted on 7th Sep 2019 21:08:58

i love this story.I need more interesting story for this writer.

Adrianposted on 11th Aug 2019 23:45:22

Interesting. I love the introduction

Piousposted on 4th Oct 2018 15:19:50

Next episode please...

Nyashahposted on 27th Sep 2018 08:03:18

This is the first story I read on this side and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really loved the happy ending

Joeposted on 13th Sep 2018 00:24:03

Best story ever!


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