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The two families reached a consensus and the wedding was fixed for the coming two months. Daniela and I had to travel to New York to see his parents. My pastor suggested we leave Sharon behind, so she won’t get to see the people who would trigger her old lifestyle. She moved to my house. I was sure she will enjoy her stay there; my family members are very accommodating.

We spent two weeks in America. I was well received by his parents; they are simple and down to earth. They showered me with love as if they’ve known me all their lives. I was treated like a princess, like the only daughter-in-law in the whole wide world.

I realised how much they love and cherish Daniel. I guess it was the same love they passed to me. All they are interested in is Daniel’s happiness and they never doubted his choice.

Daniel took me to Los Angeles to see some of his cousins. They told me they won't mind following Daniel’s footsteps; they want to come to Nigeria to get a wife as well. One of them even pleaded with me to help him get a wife-material ready before our wedding, since they would be coming to Nigeria for the wedding. I told them I wasn’t good at match-making.

Daniel took me out on sightseeing. From Freedom tower to Central park, Rockefeller Center and NYC park. I finally saw the statue of liberty live. I had a lot of fun, I must confess.

I shopped for the wedding as he promised. He took me to two great bridal stores in New York: Kleinfield and Lovely bridal shop .We bought everything we needed for the wedding including our rings, except for my wedding gown. I have great fashion designers in Nigeria who will do justice to that. We have to celebrate, appreciate and embrace the arts and talents that we have in our country.


I was alone one day in Daniel's home in New York City, his parents were not around either. Daniel had gone out to do one or two things. I heard the door bell ring, so I went to get the door.

“Hello!” I said as I opened the door.

Without asking her in, she brushed pass me and entered into the house. She is a tall beautiful lady with a chocolate glowing skin.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, the occupants of this house are not around, and I don’t know you. What’s your name, so I can tell them you came around,” I said respectfully.

“So you are the Nigerian girl who stole my man, right?” she said in an American accent.

“I don’t steal people’s man! Please Ma’am, who are you?”

She checked out the diamond ring on my ring finger and eyed it.

“I heard Nigerian girls are good at hypnotising men, but you’ve messed with the wrong person.”

“Oh! Now I know who you are... Daniel’s ex!” I said.

The word ‘ex’ hit her hard like a sledge hammer. She raised her hand to slap me.

"Oh God! History must not repeat itself – Tunde’s girlfriend once slapped me – it must not happen again," I said to myself.

I quickly covered my cheeks with my two hands, with my eyes closed. Then I heard a voice from behind, I opened my eyes immediately. This guy is my knight in shinning armour.


“Don’t you dare try it, not even in your wildest dream,” Daniel said, giving her a wicked look.

She kept her hand that was hanging in the air back to it’s original place. She turned to face him.

“Why are you here Abby?” he asked.

“To get back what belongs to me,” she replied him.

“I hope you are not referring to me?”

“Daniel, please I’m sorry about the past. Remember all the sweet memories we shared?”

“You still remember that? I don’t remember that chapter of my life anymore, I’m sorry.”

“Do you really wants to leave me for this thing?”

“Did you just refer to my fiancée as ‘this thing'!?” he said, using his two fingers to quote her. “Abby, it will do you a lot of good if you refrain from referring to her as a thing.”

“Are you threatening me? I can refer to her as whatever I want!” Abby fired back.

“For your information, I’m engaged and will soon get married to ‘this thing', so deal with it, Abby.” He said with sarcasm.

Abby softened her voice and moved closer to Daniel.

“I told you I can’t come to Nigeria before, but now I’ve changed my mind.”

“About what?”

“I’m coming with you to Nigeria.”

“He laughed out loud.

“You are the funniest person I’ve ever met.”

“How is that funny?”

“You broke up with me! Do you forget so easily?”

“I’m sorry about that, I realised I made a wrong decision.”

“I’m sorry too, but you are six months late.”

“Seriously!? You want to leave me for a local girl?”

“Obviously, I left an international girl for this so-called local girl who shares my dreams,” he grinned.


“Abby, please leave, you’ve overstayed your welcome. Your presence here is making my fiancée uncomfortable.”

She gave me a deadly look and left the house in annoyance.

“I’m sorry about all that,” he said to me when she left.

“Its okay. I’m just grateful you came on time before she dished me a slap,” I said and we both laughed.

“I won’t keep you in this house alone any longer, but in case she show up anywhere around you, call the police.”


He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead.


Few days later, I called home. I talked with my parent, Sharon, and lastly my younger sister, Moyin.

Moyin told me she got gists for me, she always has gists.

“Sister mi, things are happening o. God is indeed a miracle working God,” she said.

“You are talking in parables, go straight to the point! What happened?”

“Just guess!”

Moyin! Don’t start this your guessing games.”

“Sharon is crushing on Josh.”

“Josh…" I said, trying to place the name.

“Our pastor’s son,” she cut in.

“Did he come over to the house?”

“Yes! He came last week and ever since then Sharon has been gushing over him.”

“Really!? God be praise!”

“Every time we attend mid-week services, she makes sure she sits where she can see him clearly.”

“That’s good news, Sharon crushing over a guy!”

“That’s not all o.”

“Continue, radio without battery,” I poked fun at her.

“Sister mi!”

“It’s a compliment, you are good at dishing out news,” I teased.

“Yes, and I’m proud to be a carrier of good news.”

“Now tell me what I haven’t heard yet.”

“Ehn en, as I was saying before I was interrupted, Josh also called me and asked about her.”

“Meaning the feeling is mutual!?”

“You get it! I told him she came from abroad and every information he needed to know, but I did not mention she was once a lesbian o.”

“Good, that’s wise of you.”

“Hmm... sister mi, Josh now comes to our house everyday; I know he comes purposely to see her. I excuse them most of the time. They would gist and laugh before he leaves each day.”

“All these in less than two weeks since we left Nigeria?”

“Yes o, imagine Josh who doesn’t give ladies face in Church.”

Moyin, you don’t know how happy I am right now. I never knew God will answer us this way.”

I was so happy that I began to sing.

“Sister mi, you and mummy are now the same o... I can’t believe you are singing on phone. Can’t you sing when you drop the call?”

“It’s not my fault, I’m just so happy.”

“I hear you.”

“Let me thank God now, this can only be God, He did it!”

“Yes o. In fact, mummy has noticed their closeness too.”

“If that’s God will for her, then things will fall in place naturally. Thanks sis, Daniel needs to hear this too. I have to go now.”

“Bye sis, hope you shopped for me as well.”

“Sure, we’ll talk later. Bye!”

I ended the call. I couldn't wait to give Daniel the full gist.


Back to Nigeria.

Daniel’s driver came to pick us from the airport. They drop me off at my house first. Everyone was happy to see us. My parent gave us a warm welcome. Daniel told her sister she’ll come back for her later and he left with his driver.

Hours later, I was in the room alone with Sharon while unpacking. She assisted me in arranging things.

“Sharon, who is Josh?” I asked as I unpacked.

“This is Moyin’s handiwork, she will get it from me when she gets back,” she said laughing.

“Just answer my question, leave Moyin out of this for now. Who is Josh o?”

“Josh is your pastor’s son.”

“Don’t you think I know that already?”

“Okay... he’s a friend.”

“Is that all?” I asked with a smile.

“And I kind of have a soft spot for him.”

Gbam! I’ve finally heard it from the horse’s own mouth.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Says who! It’s something. Sharon, you liked a guy for the very first time in your life.”

“Daniella, I find it hard to believed too. I think God has changed me.”

“Not that you think... He has changed you. He answered our prayers.”

“Yes, He has. Thank you so much. You stood by me all through and never judged me,” She said and hugged me.

“Let’s give all thanks to God. We couldn’t have done this without Him.”

"You need to thank your family on my behalf, they’ve been so sweet to me. I felt at home. In fact, I don’t want to go back home.”

"Really? I’m happy you enjoyed your stay here, but I’m sure your brother won’t allow you to stay here. All the same, you can always come around anytime you feel like doing so, it's your house.”

She hugged me again.

“I love you even more than my Daniel,” she said smiling.

I laughed.

“I doubt that, but I love you too my darling.”

“Whats going on here?” Moyin said as she entered my room.

“Nothing, Miss nosy,” Sharon countered.

We all laughed.


Daniel came to my house some days later to pick her sister. We all wished she could stay with us. She felt reluctant to leave, but Daniel insisted.

Daniel thanked my parents for their hospitality. I sneaked Sharon out of the sitting room hurriedly.

“You have his number, right?” I asked immediately we got to the corridor.


“Josh! Call him and let him know you’ve gone back to your brothers place.”

“I will.”

“You can tell him he’s free to visit you there anytime he wants.”

“OK, thanks sis. You are more than a sister in-law to me,” she smiled and hugged me.

Moyin helped her with her bags. She knelt down and thanked my parents. I can't believe she knelt down, Sharon must be a fast learner. I was impressed.


Daniel came to my place after work to drop some things for me. He was about to leave when I received a phone call from Kola.

“Joy is in the hospital,” he said with a low voice.

“What happened?” I asked.

“We lost the baby, she had a miscarriage.”

“Oh my God! When? How?” I screamed.

“She just started bleeding and I rushed her to the hospital.”

“God! After everything you guys went through to get her pregnant!?”

“She’s not taking it easy at all. My parent and parent-in-laws are around too.”

“I’m coming right away,” I said.

“OK, thanks.”

“What’s the name of the hospital?” I asked.

He told me the name of the hospital and hanged up.

“What’s going on? Is Joy okay?” Daniel asked me.

“She’s not, she had a miscarriage. After all they’ve gone through! The IVF have cost them millions of Naira already.”

“It is well. Do you know the name of the hospital?”

I nodded.

“Let me drop you off, and please calm down. I believe she’s in good hands. She’ll be fine,” he said.

An hour later, we arrived at the hospital.

I met my uncle and his wife at the reception. Thank God Daniel met them the previous week, it would have been awkward if they met him for the first time here. I knelt down and greeted them. They directed us to her ward.

I ran towards her on the bed and hugged her tightly. She had cried her eyes out. I really felt for her. We were so glad few months ago that the IVF worked and then this happened suddenly.

I tried to console her but she refused to be comforted. Even her husband wasn’t in good shape either.

Daniel moved closer to her and tried to console her.

“We will try again. I have very competent doctors in the US. This time around, you will be under their care and be monitored thoroughly till you have the baby,” Daniel assured her.

“Daniel, I’m tired. I had my hopes up and suddenly I had a miscarriage!”

“You have to be strong, don’t give up. I assure you that everything will be fine, just trust God.”

“This burden is too much for me to bear,” she cried in his arms.

“Look around Joy, just take a good look around, all your loved ones are here. You are not alone.”

“I’m grateful. Thank you, Daniel.”

“You are welcome. I’ll talk to your husband now. Once I step out of here, we will start planning towards your next pregnancy.”

“Thank you very much Daniel. Thanks for coming down to check on me on a very short notice,” Joy said.

“He was with me when Kola called,” I explained to her.

“OK. Thanks, dear cousin.”

Daniel excused himself and went to the reception area to discuss something with Kola. My parent met us at the hospital, I guess my uncle might have informed them. Daniel left to his house while my mum and I joined my dad in his car.

Joy was discharged three days later. I spent the weekend at her place. A month later, she and her husband traveled out of the country. Daniel had already made all the necessary arrangements with the doctors over there. We hope things would work out this time around.

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