My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 2
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 2

By Ola Olowo   2nd Oct 2018
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Me: (screams)! What!?

All attention was shifted to me in the quality control office. I ran into the darkroom and told him to check mine. He requested for my e-mail and password which I sent to him immediately I dropped the call.

Twenty minutes later, Ugo called me back and shouted, “Olowo, we are together. We will be camping at Jigawa.”

He seemed so excited. I couldn’t believe it. Ugo further stated that we both fall under the second stream which was slated for 25th of November 2015. “Ugo again?” I asked myself.

Ugo and I had been together since our ND days, back at the Polytechnic, in Ibadan. We belonged to the same clique. No be cult o. (laughs). Ugo and I, alongside Benji and A.Y, were good friends. We tagged ourselves as the Fantastic 4. Ugo and Benji were in the same department (Business Administration), A.Y studied Accounting, while I pursued a diploma in Public Administration. After our ND days, Ugo and I went to Osun state to have our HND programme while A.Y got a job at Port Harcourt. Benji had some personal issues so he couldn’t continue with us.

I can’t believe Ugo and I have been posted to the same State to serve our fatherland. For sure, it’s going to be a good outing. I called my guys (Vision and Iya Ijo) to inform them. They were scared and happy at the same time. Vision begged me to check his, and when I did, I couldn’t believe had been posted to Zamfara. Iya Ijo on other hand was posted to Niger state; fair enough, I guess. Taiwo was posted to Jigawa too, but due to one reason or the other, she couldn’t go.


The following Monday was quiet for me as I was in deep shit of how to get money to start buying the things I needed. During the day, I checked on Nairaland to get more information about the Fanisau camp in Jigawa. I got into the discussion too and I bumped on a post where a guy offered to create a WhatsApp group for all prospective corp members going to Jigawa. I joined the group and I had the opportunity to meet some new friends. I decided to check out the people in the group, but only one of them stood out; her name is… Janelle.

Janelle is fair in complexion, according to her display photo. We had a chat about what to expect at the camp, and the things to hold, and not to hold. From our discussion, I got to know that she schooled in Calabar, but hails from Imo state. She is one of the crazy type who is fun to be with (oops, I meant to say chat with).

I spent more minutes of my time chatting with Janelle and I began to enjoy her company whenever we met online. We talked on phone some couple of times and even had two hours of chat each and every day. One thing I noticed about her is her sharp mouth. I once attributed her mouth to a blade or two-edged sword. Through our conversation, I realised she was for older than me, but she kept everything on a low key as if we’ve known each other for years.

As the days went by, a certain guy by name ‘West’ created another group for prospective corp members who would be traveling from Lagos state. Mr. West came out later to say that the cost of traveling form Lagos to Fanisau camp in Jigawa would cost each person 6,500 Naira. While some agreed to his price, others complained bitterly that the price was way too much. You know Nigeria students, abi? There is nothing they can’t price! Will you blame us? I remember one of my friends in Ibadan who priced loaves of bread. Imagine! They price bread too?

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