My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 4
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 4

By Ola Olowo   9th Oct 2018
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The next day, Ugo called me and requested that I find out if there was any option available for those who preferred to journey to the camp via air. I contacted a guy called ‘Nero’, who once held a discussion on our group page about the best and cost-effective airline to board. He recommended Arik airline.

After getting this timely information, I relayed what I got to Ugo and he told me to make arrangement for both of us. I contacted my brother, Aganga, who worked at the airport, to help us enquire about the cost of flight. Shortly after, Ugo and I transferred money into my brother‘s account. Two hours later, our flight was booked and everything looked set.

On Saturday, 21st of November 2015, I went to my brother’s apartment to get the tickets. As I checked the tickets carefully, I discovered an error on it. Oh my God! My brother booked our flight for the 1st of December, instead of the 23rd November, which was the day we planned of leaving.

He promised to rectify the problem as soon as possible. I left his apartment feeling very sad and devastated, because I didn’t want anything to disrupt our plans for camp, which was just some few days away.


 Later that day, Aganga called and informed me that backdating the ticket would cost us an extra N30, 000, for both tickets. Ugo and I agreed to pay this as soon as possible.

[22nd of November]

Aganga and I went to the airport to rectify the mistake. We made enquiries on seat availabilities for the 24th November, but we were told that there was none, except for Monday, the 25th of November. Chai!

We agreed to fly on Monday. We paid an extra N32,500, in addition to the initial N42,000 we paid for both tickets. Everything looked set, but Ugo still had to buy a few things before our flight takes off at 11:30am the next day.

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