My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 5
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OLA OLOWO  11th Oct 2018
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Everything was set. Yes! We are the flying corpers, flying for the first time to a land where we’ve never been before. Ugo’s wife, Onyinye, fixed us a breakfast of fried plantain and egg before we set off to the airport.

We got to the airport around 10:42am, and with the assistant of Aganga, we were able to check in as early as possible, after undergoing several security checks. We sat down quietly, waiting anxiously for our flight to be announced.

Ugo and I had a gist about so many things. As we talked, I switched my head to and fro until my eyes caught a familiar face. “This face looks like Bibie – a girl from the Bauchi WhatsApp group.” I said to myself.

I told Ugo that the girl sitting next to me was someone I knew but I was not too sure. He told me to call her number to confirm, which I did; the same girl picked up. My suspicion was right. Yes! It was Bibie.

Immediately she picked, I kept my gaze on her till our eyes met, then she laughed. We shook hands and engaged in a conversation till our flight was announced around 1:20pm. We lined up to the boarding line, and then entered into a bus which conveyed us to the aircraft. We were searched again before we finally took our seat.


The airplane took off by 2pm. Being my first time flying, it felt really strange. The plane ran some kilometers before finally lifting off into the sky. During this period, an announcement was made that “all passenger must make use of their seat belt and also put off their phones or switch them to flight mode.”

I never knew there were potholes in the sky too until the plane entered into gallop. By this time, I was damn scared. I looked back and Ugo’s eyes met mine. From his face, I could clearly tell he was reciting The Lord’s Prayer. He was so scared. He wore a weird smile on his face which I could interpret to mean, “Guy we don enter am o.

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Kofiposted on 2nd Oct 2018 14:23:11

Awesome! We are in for something interesting.

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