My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 8
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 8

By Ola Olowo   12th Oct 2018
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We took a stroll to the main parts of town, far away from the quarters. Mr. Ola gave us some details, or maybe I should call it information about life in Jos and Plateau State in general. He showed us around the place: the NAMAN quarters, FAAN quarters, the poultry farm which was owned by some of the staff, the FAAN high school, the uncompleted building owned by the airline company and the different types of bricks that are used in construction. He said the bricks are being sold for as low as N12, because they were made from sand, cement and a particular grass. Plateau is really beautiful.

Mr. Ola told us about his parent’s disapproval when he first told them about his intentions of migrating to Jos. He however, convinced them that he will survive as long as there were people living there.

He took us to Mrs. Kehinde’s shop. We exchanged greetings upon getting there. We chatted for a while and she told us she has been living in Jos for the past eight years. I was damn amazed! Eight years in this cold!? We were also introduced to an ex-corper who has refused to go back to Lagos after serving in Jos. According to him, he sees no good reason why he should return to Lagos.

We proceeded to a local restaurant where we ate ‘semo’ with Egusi soup. While taking our meal, Mr. Ola briefed us about some events that took place in the state capital. He showed us a motel, which according to him, always got filled to capacity, until something unexpected happened.

“One day, Boko Haram stormed the motel and killed everyone on site.” He added, “Only one man survived the disaster; that man presently works at the airport, although with a disfigured arm. It was a really sad incident to witness.”


After consuming the semo, we bought a slice of bread each, took a bike and headed straight to the quarters. We got there very late. We were welcomed by Mr. Dan, another Arik air official who offered us his apartment. He was still single, so he had quite a number of room available.

As he led us to his apartment, we couldn’t stop lamenting about the weather. He prepared tea for us, accompanied with the bread we bought. We talked for a while until we became tired. Everyone went to their respective rooms to sleep.

I found it hard to sleep. This was my first time in Jos and the environment clearly seems different from what I’d known all these while. I read some literature works on the internet for like an hour before going to Bisola’s room to disturb her.

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