My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 9
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch.1 Ep. 9

By Ola Olowo   13th Oct 2018
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[24th November, 2015]

It’s the penultimate day before the long awaited 2nd stream NYSC camp will open. Ugo and I were still stuck in Plateau state, FAAN staff quarters, Yakubu Gowon Airport. I didn’t have enough sleep the previous night because of the cold weather condition in the area, which was just few blocks away from the airport.

Since we had nothing to do in particular, Bisola urged me to accompany her to the nearest First Bank available. We approached Mr. Daniel Douglas and he gave us directions to the nearest branch which was located at Bindin Ladi. We boarded a taxi to the bank, and after the regular security checks, we walked straight to the banking hall. Bisola engaged in a discussion with a bank official. Twenty minutes later, we were out of there.

We took a bike from the bank back to the staff quarters, where we met Mr. Dan preparing for work. He took out time to fix us some breakfast. Bisola dished out the breakfast of yam and egg. I must confess that he’s such a good cook.

After filling our bellies to the brim, we decided to get into the town of Jos to buy some few items for ourselves before heading to Bauchi. We informed Mr. Dan about it and he advised we shouldn’t go deep into Jos. He directed us to Bukuru market, which is quite comparable to Sango market.

On our way there, we came across the Plateau State Polytechnic and the Police Staff College, Plateau, Jos. I had a chat with the taxi driver who drove us there. Per our discussion, I discovered he is a Yoruba man from Ondo state, Akure to be precise. He told me he had been living in Jos since 2001.


Getting to Bukuru took us about an hour. We headed straight to the main market and did some little shopping for ourselves. We bought blankets, underwear, cups, etc. Ugo branched into one big supermarket to get some golden morn, milks, and some other items, while I moved around busily looking for my favourite ‘Kunu’. I told myself that I must not come to Jos without tasting their Kunu. I was evenly disappointed when I had a taste of their Kunu; it was watery and not too palatable.

Bisola on the other hand had running stomach shortly after we arrived at the market, which was accompanied by vomitting. I rushed towards her, washed her eyes with water and collected her vomit into a bin. Minutes later, she felt okay and we continued with our shopping. I didn’t forget to get for myself a copy of ‘The gods are not to blame’.

Not quite long after we got home, Mr. Dan called to inform us that the flight from Lagos bound for Jos is on the move so we had to prepare for the short trip to the airport, wait for our bags before heading to the park. We left the quarters around 2:55pm. Through the help of an aboki, we got to the airport around 3:05pm, just in time before the plane landed.

We asked of Mr. Dan and Mr. Ola but we were told they were busy. We had to wait for them at the arrivals lounge where we will be receiving our bags.

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