My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 10
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 10

By Ola Olowo   18th Oct 2018
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With the help of Mr. Dan, we got our bags in time. To our greatest surprise, the station manager, Mr. Alfred, made an arrangement for us to be conveyed to town in a Toyota Hilux. Mr. Dan and Mr. Ola accompanied us to a place where we easily got a keke Napep, who moved us to the university of Jos gate, where we got a bus to Kangere, Bauchi state. Along the way, Mr. Dan showed us where the state television was situated – PRTV. He also showed us the home of the former governor of Plateau state. Moving ahead, he showed us the former government house which was along the Jonah Jang way. We also passed by the Air force base and the house of assembly in Plateau.


[6:00pm, 24th of November, 2015]

We got on the way to Bauchi in an eight-passenger bus in which half of the passengers were corpers. I sat in the middle, alongside two prospective corp members. Ugo and Bisola sat behind with a prospective corp member named Busayo. The lady sitting next to me, Funke, a student of Moshood Abiola Polytecnic, brought out a small pack of food that was given to first class passengers in the plane she boarded. Guess what was in it? White rice and banga soup which cannot fill the belly of a two year old baby.


The estimated time for the trip to Bauchi was supposed to be just an hour, but I was surprised we were still on the road as at 7:10pm, with 62km more to cover.

Two passengers alighted when we got to Gigamai. Bisola took the time to hand over the soldier’s bag to him; he had been calling so as to link up with us ever since we took off from Jos. We headed off to the camp with some new passengers. At 8:30pm, we got down at Kangere Camp Institute of Education. We had to go through a thorough security check before we were allowed to get inside. The place was very big.

Ugo and I located the male hostel and we made sure we got a room that had good sockets for us to charge our phones. After settling down, we visited the mamee market and we were surprised to see everything we needed in camp there.

We needed to fill our stomachs with something heavy after such a tiring journey. We bought some food for N250 per plate, which we later regretted. The food tasted really bad, but wetin man go do?  After the meal, we headed back to our hostel.

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