My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 13
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My NYSC diary and 21 days in camp Ch. 1 Ep. 13

By Ola Olowo   18th Oct 2018
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Tiwa savage, the ‘man o war’ girl was amazed when she heard the guys singing the songs joyously. After jogging round all the hostel blocks, we got back to the parade ground and we were handed over to our platoon commander, captain Aminu. The camp director, Mr. T.K Shenge came to address us and we were taught how to recite the NYSC anthem.

All platoons were separated and platoon 6 returned back to the captain Aminu. Talking about Captain Aminu, he is tall, dark, lanky, bald-headed, and he’s always spotted wearing a dark sun-glass. He has a very cool personality and I like the way he motivates us.

It was time for our usual morning drills. Good thing is, we had increase in size so we didn’t do too much of the drills. The exercise continued till 8am before the bugle was blown for breakfast. At long last! Everyone headed to the kitchen but Ugo and I decided to visit Mama Nkechi’s restaurant to have a breakfast of rice and beans, which I didn’t enjoy at all.

When we got the hostel, Ugo and I deliberated on whether to wash some clothes or not, when the bugle suddenly sounded for another parade. Oh God! What kind of thing is this? It was just 10 minutes past 10am. We lined up according to our platoon under the hot sun and harsh harmattan. We practiced all the drills we learnt that morning before we were finally dismissed around 11:45am.


I heard a female voice call my name. I turned around and asked the angel standing behind me where she knew me from. After a brief introduction, I found out that she was the girl I sat beside in the bus from Jos to the camp. We conversed for a while before leaving to our respective hostels.

Upon getting back to the hostel, Ugo and I decided to wash some clothes before going to the mamee market to present our khaki trousers for amendment, washing and ironing, which cost us about N2000 each.

We expected the bugle to be blown by 3pm as usual, but we were utterly surprised when we didn’t hear it. At around 4:05pm, the bugle was blown and we all trooped out in our numbers. It was just a repetition of drills, nothing special. The drill continued till around 6pm when the Nigerian flag was lowered (“Nigeria going to sleep,” in the exact words of the soldiers). As usual, we remained still till the bugle stopped. At 7:00pm, we were released for dinner.


Janelle played hide and seek with the camp soldiers. She doesn’t seem 100% fit for the camp stress and drills. She played a fast one though, claiming she had not been registered, hence, allowed to move around in mufti.


Janelle and I later met at the entrance of the mamee market. I introduced her to Ugo before we proceeded to the market to get something to eat because we couldn’t cope with the long queue at the camp’s kitchen. Ugo suggested we tasted something different. He opted for fried yam and egg from an aboki, which I gladly accepted while chatting with Janelle.

Janelle has this small stature and very soft hands which sends shockwaves through my body. We held hands for some time while chatting until Ugo finally arrived with the food in a cooler. I escorted Janelle to her hostel.

Ugo told me he needed to shave his scanty beards before heading back to the hostel, and that was when it all happened between me and one of the soldiers.

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