Just a taste Ep. 35
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Just a taste Ep. 35

By Abfictionstories   22nd Jan 2019
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NADIA: Why me? Why do I have to see a ghost this early in my life? I didn't kill anyone, did I? I didn't wish for Mrs. Olutayo to die in the first place. In fact, I needed her alive.

I began to beg immediately.

"Please Ma, I never wanted you dead. Why did you choose to haunt me? It should rather be Brenda and the rest of her team, not me.

I was a little surprised when she laughed heartily.

"Oh Nadia, I'm not dead. You can touch me."

She extended her hands to me.

"Go on, touch me. I won't bite."

I was careful, very careful. I slightly touched her hands and backed away. Nothing happened. She remained there with smiles on her face.

I got little confidence.

I went close now and touched her hands.

"Oh my God! It's you. You are not dead? How is this possible?"

My eyes went wide in fear and shock. I couldn't pick what my mind was telling me.

"There is a lot you don't know, child; but that's not the reason I brought you here."

I got up and sat on the couch as she had instructed.

"Why me?"

"Cos you never gave up, and I need survivors."

I was flattered. Although I knew hours ago, I would have given up already. I guess she came at the right time.

And so she went back to business.

"First, no one must know about this. When I mean no one, I mean not even Daniel should know that I am still alive."

I didn't get her reason why. It was just too ridiculous. At least Daniel should know; he was in pain already. She wasn't going to ease his pain? Can I even trust myself to keep this from Daniel?

"Can I trust you, Nadia?"

I nodded.

Before you pry too much, just know that the rest of what she told me was confidential. I can't tell you now, but don't worry. As you read on, it will begin to offload bit by bit. One thing I was sure of was: This fight for supremacy is gonna be full of surprises and suspense.


DANIEL: I woke up the next morning in my boxers shorts, safely tucked in my bed. A bodyguard stood beside me. The last thing I saw before running unconscious was Nadia. That was all.

"Hey, what happened?"

I questioned.

"She patched you up, and even bathed you."

The glass of beer I held fell off my hands. I had wanted to resume my new found hobby but what I just heard was so alarming.

"She what!?"

I thought about it for a while before I proceeded to ask, "She emm... She saw that…? You know...””

The guy did not allow me land;

"Yep sir! She even played with it".

NADIA: My first mission was to get Daniel out of Kayode's kitchen. His life was on the line, especially now that Wilson was the new owner. He would want to wipe out Daniel just to be safe.

“Daniel, before you drop the call, just know that you will be dead tonight if you spend the night at Kayode's kitchen. If you want to die, you can sleep over there."

I dropped the call. I knew he didn't want to hear from me, but at least I was glad he picked up. I didn't give him a chance to speak. I just dropped the message and prayed so hard that he would adhere to it.

DANIEL: Speaking of the devil, she called just when I wanted her to; but then, she didn't even give me the chance to talk. I was even thinking of how to present the question. It sounded so embarrassing.

I picked the word, and certainly didn't want to die.

"You can go now."

I turned to the bodyguard. He wasn't moving.

"I said you can go."

"I can't sir. I was told to stay here till nightfall."

My heart missed a beat. So it was true. Wilson really meant to kill me by nightfall?

I nodded my head and went into the bathroom. My head began to spin. What do I do? An idea popped up. I picked the iron bucket standing at the far end corner of the bathroom, and then I screamed on top of my voice. Of course he would rush in. This is seriously gonna hurt; I smashed the bucket on his head the moment he stepped in. He had a blackout, perfect for me.

Quickly, I scrambled through my clothes and dashed out. My car was nowhere to be found. Gracefully, I had some pocket change. I boarded a taxi, and within an hour, I was back to the safety of my room, in the academy.

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NADIA: Brenda was back in full force. She resumed her role as our supervisor, and anyone who dared crumble was put on suspension. She was the queen now. Anything she said or requested was honored.

"Foolish girls, stand up till I finish this lesson."

She instructed Joyce and I when she came for our revision lessons in preparations for the exams.

Joyce was about to protest but I quickly signaled her to remain calm. You know sometimes, when you are aware that there is a secret bomb waiting to blast your enemy, you just have to chill and allow them to rant as though they’ve got it all.

Later that evening, Joyce called me to meet her at Serena's apartment. Mrs. Olutayo was there too. I still wondered how she was able to swift past all eyes. It appeared it had been revealed to Joyce as well, but that was not the reason for the meeting.

Serena was up and doing.

"I'm not sick. And I was never going to die in six months time, or whatever."

That was not the only bomb she dropped.

"The Serena lying in the hospital is actually my twin sister. I have been in the academy ever since."

I looked at Joyce; she had the same wide eyes. I might be all shocked and surprised, but trust me, I love the way this game is slowly turning around.

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