Handsome Harry Ep. 4
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Handsome Harry Ep. 4

By David   20th Mar 2019
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Having finished their dinner in silence and without any communication since her arrival at home, she knew they were keeping things to themselves.

She sprawled on her divan and took a magazine from her bookshelf. She smiled, "What are you guys keeping from me?” She asked. “You all have gazed your eyes on me, what's wrong?"

"Juliet, are you not scared of Harry?" Betsy asked.

"I'm not, and I won't be afraid of that beast! Who does he think he is?"

"Well Julie, you have to watch your back from now cos you've taken it too far," Gladys said.

"You even slapped him for God’s sake!" Betsy added.

"And you didn't hear what he did?” Juliet asked. “I'm sure you did."

"But still..." Joan said.

"Please!" she drawled, butting in.



Seeing them relate really fast made him feel that he had taken the right step by loving Juliet. They had lunch in a classy restaurant just after they arrived from the cinema. Sam bade his sister goodbye outside the restaurant, having asked her to help him convey Juliet back to school in her car. He entered his own car and headed to his friend's birthday party.

He was just few kilometers away from the restaurant when he decided to get a present for his friend from a nearby supermarket. He alighted from the car, locked it, only to turn and face Harry's goons.

He leaned back on his car in shock.

"Harry needs you, so just follow us now."

He folded his arms.

"I'm sorry! Tell him that I have somewhere very important to go, we shall see later."

"Are you crazy? We said Harry needs you right now, and you're saying…!" Justin said aloud.

"Come on, the child's whimper you're doing won't help. Not even Harry will prevent me from going to where I'm going right now."

Umaru punched him in the face, "What about that?"

Sam rubbed his face and smiled. He turned to his car to unlock it, but Justin kicked him on his left calf. Sam turned to them in anger and dealt Justin a blow on his face.

"Go tell him that I have somewhere to go, you rats."

James punched him in his belly and he returned his on his chest. The three dealt him punches and jabs but he resisted their attacks and returned their kicks.

Umaru's kick was unexpected and it was on his crotch. Sam groaned in excess pain. They gave him bruises all over before taking him away.

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