Handsome Harry Ep. 5
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Handsome Harry Ep. 5

By David   22nd Mar 2019
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The honk drew Harry out of his nap. He drew the curtains to confirm who the visitor was, and on discovering that it was his men, he put on a sleeveless shirt on his cargo shorts and descended the stairs into the main living room where his goons had kept the severely beaten Sam.

Harry opened his mouth agape in total surprise, "Why did you do this?"

"He resisted and fought us," they replied.

"Harry, you..." Sam spat blood, slumped to the ground and passed out.

Harry rushed to the unconscious Sam and turned him to face him.

"Harry, he fought us."

"All the same, damn you guys! You wanted to kill him? I didn't ask you to hit him. You had other ways of taking him if he refused; violence was not an option. Why did you hit him this much? Do you really hate him?”

"We don't!" They chorused.

"Of course you do!" Harry cut in, "Just go and take care of him."

He looked at their faces and changed his mind, "Don't worry, I'll take care of him myself."

"Better!" Justin said.



His eyes opened gradually; the view was blurry at first, but it became clear as the clock ticked by. His eyes met with Harry's and the memories came back.

Harry sat on a stool beside his bed. He sighed upon seeing Sam open his eyes.

"How do you feel?"

Sam made to sit but only groaned.

"Easy dude," Harry said. He helped Sam sit up, "How do you feel?"

"Why do you ask when you don't even care? You asked your thugs – your type – to beat me up. You asked them to drag me here when I had a birthday party to attend. Do you care if I die anyway?"

"Of course I do. Sam, I care about you."

Sam chuckled, "You do?"

"I'm dead serious Sam. I don't..."

"Oh! Cut the crap you're saying guy! You don't care about anyone, and everyone knows that."

Harry shrugged "Alright, if you don't believe me."

"Just let me go, or do you have more to do to me?"

"Sam, I can kill you right now and nobody will know. Believe me!"

"Then go ahead!" Sam dared.

"Sam, I'm not that type of person."


"I'm not a killer! And I'm not a rapist!"

Sam couldn't take it any longer. He guffawed with laughter.

Harry hit his chest and Sam cried in pains, "I like you Sam, believe me; that's my own way of taking revenge."

Sam frowned, "Harry, what are you saying? What revenge? I never wronged you in any way, neither has Juliet.”

"Yes, but those girls had trampled on our hearts; they tore our hearts apart, into shreds."

Sam did not fully understand what he meant. "Who are you referring to?" he asked.

"Sam, I never raped any of those girls. My friends are responsible for that.”

Sam smiled in disbelief.

"You know I can't buy your lies!"

"Believe me Sam!" Harry yelled, taking Sam aback. "Gloria, Lucy and Amanda; they duped me. They never loved me; they played with my shyness. We are course mates; can’t you remember how I was six years ago? That shy, easy going guy! They changed me, they extorted money from me each time, and left."

Sam was beginning to believe him.

"The other girls are those who have broken my friends hearts.”

Sam shook his head, "I don't believe you!"

"Do you really have to?" Harry asked.


"Okay! If that's the reason behind your criminal acts, why are you after Juliet? Is she one of those girls who have broken your friend's heart?”

"No! I love her!"

Sam blinked his eyes.

"And you said you like me?"

"Yes, I..."

"You don't! How would you like me and still feel like having my girl?"

"I like you and that's why I refuse to harm you. I didn't ask my guys to hit you, did I? They said you resisted, you fought them."

"You haven't answered my question, Harry!"

"I'll have her just once, and that's all."

"Is that love or lust?"

"I'm not a kid. I love her, but you love her too."

"You're sick in the head."

"I'm very much aware of that."

"Harry, the girl is innocent. She's going through a lot."

"I've always wanted to ask you about what she is going through. Is it something big?”

"You really care to know?"

"Yeah, maybe it would be enough reason to make me change my mind."

"Her parents have been separated for years."

"Is that all? What's new about divorce? It's here and there!"

"They're not divorced, they have only separated."

"And so?"

"She'd not seen her mother since they separated eight years ago.”


"And her father has no time for her; he's too strict and also forbade her from knowing her mum's whereabouts," Sam explained. "In addition, she had been lonely ever since their separation. Father rarely stays at home but give his guards the orders to lock her in the mansion till he returns from his various trips."

Harry sighed, "And you said she's innocent, as in she's a virgin?"

"I didn't say that!"

"But I know that’s what you meant to say. Did she tell you that?"

"No, but I know."

"Is that why you said you love her?” Harry asked. “Go on and have what you want from her, then leave her to me."

"Are you out of your mind? I love her with every breath that I have, virgin or not."

Harry stood up, "I'll go on and have her, you can have the rest because I like you."

Sam made to stop him but he yelled in pain.


The three men entered.

"Return him home safely. I've got all the details I need from him. I'll get her, but get him to sleep first."


Harry left the room, leaving Sam in the hands of the three.

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