Wings to fly
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Wings to fly

By oBi   1st Apr 2019
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I'm tired of being in this cage called a place
I'm tired of doing those systematic things I always do
I look forward to the day I'll breath a new air
One that won't make me fall sick 
I want to walk around and see different people smiling
I want the sun to shine on me till I can see no more

I'm shackled in this deception of being safe
Rationed to a particular type of meal
People disappear and never come back
Hope is something that doesn't exist
We only obey the words of our owners
Our voices can't be heard, neither our songs which make no meaning to us
I Long for a smile I'll never get
For freedom that would make me a man
I just need wings so I'll fly so high that even the eagles would be jealous of me
I'll fly and never return, I'll go to the world beyond where freedom exists.

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Uwaehileposted on 5th Apr 2019 14:27:31

Thanks kofi I appreciate

Kofiposted on 1st Apr 2019 13:11:02

Hmmm... Speaks volumes about life. Thanks for this great poem TIm!