Handsome Harry Ep. 9
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Handsome Harry Ep. 9

By David   11th Apr 2019
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Juliet rushed back to her room without knocking on the door. She barged the door open and got the shock of her life: Sam was in bed with Gladys on her divan, both asleep.


She shrieked.

The two rushed out of bed. Juliet covered her mouth in fear of what she had seen on the bed. The other two followed her eyes to the divan, and on its quilt was blood.

Gladys looked at herself, then to the bed, "Is that… Does that… Is that?"

Sam's heartbeat filled the room.

"You raped me? Sam, did you rape me?"

He shook his head.

"Juliet… Julie, what happened?"

Gladys took him by the shirt, "You rapist!"

Betsy and Ryan rushed in, laughing; their laughter ceased instantly when they caught up with reality.


Gladys hit Sam repeatedly. Juliet slumped to the floor, tears flowing freely from her eyes.

Sam couldn't hold back the tears either. He kept his gaze on Juliet while Gladys kept hitting him.

"Where's Joan? Where's that girl?"

"I thought I left them with you," Juliet said.

"Yes, but we went for the car, leaving her behind."

Betsy prevented Gladys from hitting Sam further.

"This is not his fault."

"He took advantage of me. He's heartless!"

"Gladys, Sam was drugged by Harry and his gang. This is Joan's fault. We left both of you to her care," Ryan explained.

"He raped me! I'm ruined!" She cried heartily.

Betsy let go of Gladys and called Joan on her phone. She picked up on the third dial.

"What exactly got over you? Things have gone wrong here and you're to blame for this. Where the hell are you? Where…" she trailed off.

"Joan? Joan, why are you crying? You said? What? Jesus Christ! When did that happen? Okay, we'll be there soon."

Betsy ended the call to curious faces.


"What happened?"

"Joan got unconscious not long after we left. She was rushed to the hospital by Tomi and Jake."

"What could have been the cause?"

"She's pregnant!"


"Pregnant? For who?"

"She had been keeping this secret to herself, thinking that it can be kept."

"Oh please, don't keep us in the dark, spill the beans."

"She said Handsome Harry raped her."


"Ryan and I would go and meet her right away. You guys should take care of yourself."

Betsy and Ryan dashed out.

Gladys resumed her cry.

Juliet got up to get the bed cleaned but felt her eyes spinning. She passed out seconds later.

Sam and Gladys rushed towards her, shouting her name.

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