Handsome Harry Ep. 12
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Handsome Harry Ep. 12

By David   17th Apr 2019
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Juliet and the three were on their way back to the hostel when Harry and his gang crossed their path.

"Now, what's this for?" Juliet asked.

"Let us talk," Harry said.

"I don't have anything to discuss with you."

"But I have somethings to discuss with you."

"Then discuss it with yourself!"

She made to join her friends but he pulled her back to himself, holding her in a very tight embrace. She wanted to hit him but he held her hands in captive. He forcefully placed her head on his chest.

"You are the reason I'm no longer myself. You can hear my heart breathing, can't you? It's for you. Give me a chance to prove my love for you."

Sam bumped into them. He stood some feet away from his friends, the gang, and of course Juliet and Harry.


Harry let go of Juliet almost immediately.

"Well, you don't have to let go of her anymore. Just like you dreamt, she's my step-sister."

Harry stole glances at everyone present.

Sam shrugged, "You guys look good together."

They all watched him leave.

"What happened between you two? Are you fighting?"

Juliet shook her head and left with her friends. She noticed that Joan was no longer with them.

"Where's Joan?"

"James called her."

"And you let her go?"

"Shouldn't she go?"

"I have to go and see what he want to do to her, that guy has no human feelings."

Juliet didn't meet the guys where she left them, but someone pointed the path they took.

She found them behind one of the school's cybercafe; Joan was with them, looking scared. She bumped into them. Harry was not there.

"What are you doing with these dangerous guys? They're heartless as you see them."

"How does this concern you?" James asked.

"She's my friend! What more do you want to do to her after raping her just because of the past misunderstanding you had with her brother? Do you want to kill her now?"

Joan wiped her tears away, "He's threatening me; he said he'll destroy the relationship between my brother and his girlfriend."

"Have you told him that you're pregnant for him?"


The guys looked surprised.

"Oh, she hasn't? Well, now you know, and she's going to have that child."

"Juliet, you're joking, right?"

Juliet hissed.

"Who's joking with who?"

James looked at Joan from head to toe and shook his head, "Juliet, is this true?"

Juliet shook her head in disgust, "You're surely out of your mind."

She turned to Joan, "Let's go!"

Joan made to go but James pulled her back to himself and planted a kiss on her lips. He held her firmly to himself.

Juliet frowned, "What was that for?"

Umaru gestured at Justin and they left the three there.

"Juliet, are you serious about what you just said? She's preg... Pregnant for me?"

Juliet stood with hands folded to her breast while Joan had her back on James with tears in her eyes.

Juliet sighed, "Just pretend that you're happy about the news."

"Why won't I? I love her!"

Joan immediately turned to face him, "You said?"

He held her face in his hands, searching through her eyes, "I love you!"

Juliet smiled, "Keep your lies to yourself and get your hands off her!"


"Juliet, I'm serious about this."

"So after all the girls you've raped, you expect her to love you back? After all the girls you might have impregnated!"

"That was my own way of taking revenge, it's over now. None of those girls can boldly say that they are innocent or pregnant for me, I used protection."

Juliet sighed.

"Now I get you; so you intentionally raped her so she can get pregnant?"

"Harry tried to prevent me from doing that but I couldn't control myself. Look here Joan..."

Joan freed herself, "I can't be with you, and for the sake of peace, I'm going to terminate this pregnancy."

Juliet watched complacently with a smile.

James took her hands and went on his knees. Juliet laughed.

"Joan, though I might have fought with your brother, I still miss him. Joan, why don't you bring us together again?"

Joan looked down into his eyes, "You expect me to believe that? What if this is just the beginning of your odd revenge?"

"Believe me when I say that ‘I love you’. You can ask my friends about this.”

Joan pulled him up and turned to go but he pleaded, "Joan, please don't abort the baby."

"I can't keep it!"

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