Handsome Harry Ep. 13
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Handsome Harry Ep. 13

By David   17th Apr 2019
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James and Joan began their new love life. It became clear that Ryan and Betsy were dating too. Juliet on the other hand stayed away from both Sam and Harry.

After dessert on that Tuesday noon, Juliet was watching a movie with her father when one of the guards alerted him that he had some visitors. Sir Ben asked him to usher them in. To their surprise, it was Sam and his mother.

The elderly man jolted out of the couch on seeing them.

"Ha- harri- Harriet? Harriet, is that you?"

She sniffed as she nodded affirmatively.

"Ben, we've used our rough past to roughen the journey of our children."

Ben signaled them to sit, and they all sat, Sam by his mother.

"You know Sam here is Jake's son?"

Sir Ben nodded.

"He and our daughter here almost committed incest, they met in school."

Her father sat up, "Don't..."

"Nothing happened! The two parted ways ever since she discovered that I am their mother. Ben, she thinks it's all my fault so I'm here to tell them about the past, and you should affirm if it's true or not."

Juliet sighed, "This is not necessary!"

"Just let her talk, whether it’s necessary or not. Let my mum speak," Sam interjected.

"Jake was my first lover. We had Sam a year after our marriage, but Jake disappeared one day without any notice. I waited for two years until I finally met Ben. We fell in love and got married shortly after. A year later, Juliet was born.

One fine day, Jake returned home unexpectedly. He narrated the story of how he was kidnapped and used as a slave. Luck was on his side and he managed to escape.

He became so sad when he heard the news about my new marriage. I was left with just one alternative: to choose between Jake and Ben. I chose Jake, because I loved him over Ben. Ben took offense in my decision and made me promise that I would never come into his life, or Juliet’s again, so I did.

Shortly after my reunion with Jake, I got pregnant for him and bore Linda. Two years later, Jake died.”

She continued, "Because of the promise I made, I couldn't come back to Ben, neither could I see my own daughter. It’s one of my friend’s, Sewa, who keeps me posted on my daughter's well being. Juliet, I never once forget about you. It's not entirely my fault."


Juliet sighed, "Fine, it's clear no one is at fault. You followed your heart and I wouldn't blame my dad too, he lose the woman he loved. He acted the way he did because he was heart broken. If he hadn't been a modest man, he wouldn't have let you go freely without causing any harm."

"Well, I'm happy you’ve grow up to be what I desired. You're prudent, and from all Sam used to say about you, you're surely virtuous."

Sam smiled, "She is!"

Just after the visitors had left, Sir Ben got up from his seat and sat next to his daughter. He took her left hand into his, and placed it on his lap.

"I'm so delighted now," he said.

Juliet never expected such words to come out of her father’s mouth; him sitting close enough was even more surprising.

"I'm happy to hear that from you," Juliet responded.

"You should ask for the reasons," he demanded.

"What's the reason? Is it about my mum's visit?"

Juliet suddenly looked at his face which was lit with smiles.

"Wait, dad you said reasons. How many reasons?"

"To be truthful, your mother's visit is one of them."

Juliet smiled, "And the other reason?"

"I still have two more."

Juliet raised a brow, "Dad, really?"

Her father nodded affirmatively.

"So, what are they? Tell me."

"I'm retiring next week."

"Oh that!"

"You know about it?"

"I do but I never expected you to be happy about it. You love your profession."

"Yeah I do, and that's why I focused my entire life on it, but it’s time for me to retire. It’s time you know that I care about you more than any other thing in this world.”

Juliet looked at him and he smiled.

"I'll now have all the time in the world to shower you with so much love and care. I know that’s what you’ve been longing for all these while.”

Juliet hid her surprise. She did nothing except to nod her head.

"And the last?"

Juliet sighed.

"A young man was here on Friday. He said his name is Harrison."

Juliet adjusted herself on the couch.

"Have you met him already?" he asked.

Juliet gave no response.

"Well, he said he loves you," he added.

Juliet became uncomfortable with the conversation.

"Dad, I don't want to discuss that."

"Why?” he asked. “Just tell me, if there’s some other reasons apart from what he had told me, then I’ll end this conversation right away.”

Juliet frowned, "What did he tell you?"

"A lot. He has four friends who go about taking revenge on girls who have wronged them in many ways. He told me about what his gang did to you and Sam.”

"And you don’t see this as anything serious?” she asked.

"Tell me, do you love this guy?"


"I don't!"

"OK. Can you love this guy?"


"Can you do that for me?"

Juliet hurriedly looked into her father's eyes, "Dad!!!"

He caressed her hand.

"I like the guy already, Juliet. For the fact that he came here all by himself shows how sincerely his feelings are towards you.”

"Dad, I don't love him!"

"Wait! Did he tell lies when he said he never raped any of those girls? Have you been seeing him around with different ladies? Is he promiscuous?”

"I don't know dad!"

"If he is, you would have known. You know that of his friends, don't you?"

"Dad, I don't want to have anything to do with him."


She kept mute.

"That's why I'm delighted. I'm happy that there is a guy who can be so bold to tell me that he loves my daughter. He did not hide the fact that he had wronged you in many ways, knowing very well that I’m an Army General. He has so much courage.”

Juliet sighed.

"Are you going to make me completely happy?"


"I know what I see in Harrison; but if you don't want to, that’s still fine, no problem at all."

He rubbed his hands through her hair.

"I just want to see you happy."

"Dad, when is brother returning?"

"In two days time, no matter how late, he'll be around for my retirement party."

"He never missed me! The last time he called was on Sunday, he's been texting messages ever since."

"You made it look like it’s been years since he last called; Sunday was just two days ago. Even me his father, I haven't heard his voice since last weekend, he'd been sending just text messages."

Juliet chortled.


That night...

As Juliet was about to switch off her mobile phone, it rang unexpectedly. It was Harry. He told her over the phone that he was standing in front of her house, and requested that she meet him outside. She joined him on a second thought. It was already few minutes to ten.

He gave her a disarming smile to soothe her frown.

"Good evening!"

She nodded, maintaining her frown.

"Why are you here at such an odd time?"

"I was attacked by robbers."

An anxious look replaced the frown, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am. My wallet and my phone were taken away from me."

"When did that happen?"

"About three hours ago."

"And how did you manage to get here?"

"I had to explain my plight to a woman who has a stall around where the incident occurred, and she offered me some help. She also briefed me on the incessant and rampant criminal activities in the area."

"Were you the only one robbed?"

"If it had been only me, it would have been much better; everyone in the bus got robbed. It took them over fifteen minutes.”

"Aha! And there was no police?"

"It equally surprised me. No police came around."

"It was already minutes past nine when I left the woman's stall. I helped her to gather her wares into the store."

"So are you saying you headed here straight from the woman's stall?"

He sighed, "I was even on my way here when I got robbed."

She looked at him with no expression, "Why are you here?"

"To speak with you. Has your dad spoken with you about me? What impression does he have about me?"

She smiled, "He likes you, and it makes him happy."

"Are you serious? He only had on a sober look while I poured out my feelings."

"Did you tell him anything about him caring for me?"

He nodded with a smile, "I only told him that you don't usually mention him in school because you’re afraid he might not help if there’s any trouble. That was the only time he laughed.”

"Is that all you told him?"

"What more? The only thing I added was that, from the way he looks, he cares so much about you.”

She smiled, "Alright."

He took her hands and looked into her eyes, "I love you!"

She nodded.

"I believe you. Do you know why?"

He shook his head in objection.

"Because my instincts asks me to."

Harry pulled her to himself and she entered the embrace, placing her head on his chest. With such excitement, he kissed her hair.

Sir Ben materialized in front of Harry and they disengaged. Juliet turned to catch the satiety smile on her father's face.

"Good evening sir!"

"A lovely one Harry. This one that you're here so late, I hope you don’t plan of leaving tonight.”

Harry smiled, "I'll be on my way now."

"That's not possible. It's past ten."

That night, Harry slept in one of the unoccupied rooms in Sir Ben's mansion.

Within days, Harry and Juliet began their love life from there. Sam equally started a relationship with Gladys. It went well between the friends. Few months down the lines, the men proposed marriage:

Ryan and Betsy...

James and Joan...

Sam and Gladys...

Harry and Juliet…

They all got married, and had children. The four families lived happily ever after.


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