Life of a celebrity Ep. 18
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"You can go now, Bruno would take you home."

Nkoli instructed.

Eve knew something was not right. She smelt something fishy when she noticed Bruno didn’t even speak a word to her as he drove. Her fears intensified when Bruno raced through a route she wasn’t familiar with.

"Bruno, where are we going?"

She questioned.

He said nothing, except that he set the windscreen to auto-winged. The glasses were dark so no one could neither hear nor see her as she screamed for help on top of her voice. He hit her with the back of his gun when she was becoming too noisy. She fainted and woke up hours later in an uncompleted building. She noticed a paper stuck with an arrow in her left thigh.

"Ouch! God!"

She winced in pain. She tried moving her right thigh but a sharp pain ran through her ankle, up to her waist. She noticed a deep hole in her thigh; she had been shot.


She cried and shouted for help. The place looked deserted; no one could hear her. She gathered all the strength left within her and pulled out the arrow in her right thigh so she could read what was written on the paper. It was a very painful experience. Blood gushed out.

"I was instructed to kill you, but I can't do that to you. Leave the city immediately!"

She read the note and passed out.

She remained in that condition for two good days. She was giving up on herself when some group of stray boys who had come to smoke weed found her there.

"Let's rape her!"

One of them suggested.


Their leader knocked him on the head.

"Can’t you see she is dying? Do you want to commit murder?"

He got closer and heard her whisper;

"He-lp... help me..."

He recognized her face.

"Wait oh, is this not Evelyn that actress?"

The rest got closer to confirm – it was her. They quickly rushed her to the nearest hospital. Of course, they wanted to be known as the heroes who saved the life of a celebrity.

She went into comma for two days. One week later, she was back on her feet, but with the aid of crutches. The doctor was kind enough to write-off her bills.

She couldn't take Simon off her mind. She had to tell him about what she had heard, even if it meant putting her life in danger.

After two weeks, she could manage with one crutch. She cautiously paid Simon a visit to his mansion. She met him in the bar, drinking himself to stupor. He chuckled in disgust when he saw her.

"Simon, I..."

He didn't let her drop the word.

"Get out!"

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