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ANNIE  9th Feb 2020
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At about 8:00 pm on a Sunday, she sat on her bed and nibbled her blanket, while watching her favourite movie with two baskets of popcorns in her hands. What was that nervousness all about? And who was she?

Sarah Anders is a beautiful twenty-five year old woman, well-educated and independent. She loves to visit her parents every holiday. Unlike others, she was totally lactose tolerant… She loves cheese!

Sarah had a decent job and always had a keen interest while at work. She had weird colleagues who would rather work less and do lots of gossiping. Sam, Marshall, Tiffney and Eliza were practically the mean ones. Sam and Eliza ended up getting married last year but Sarah wasn’t invited. Rumour has it that Marshall and Eliza are already living together. Sarah was hated by her colleagues because she always completed her work on time which grabbed her manager’s attention; the others were made to feel distressed.

A week ago, Sarah opened her eyes in the morning and realised that she had overslept. She was supposed to be at work by 8 O’clock in the morning. She got up immediately and rushed to the bathroom. Her room was messed with dirty clothes everywhere on the floor. She took a neat quick bath, picked up her suit from the wardrobe and wore. She picked a banana from the table and ran outside. Was it a miracle that she found a taxi within a minute?

On her way to work, she saw the fighting couple outside the Le bonne ice cream shop, whom she saw everyday while passing down that street.

Sarah began to think about how desperately alone she had been throughout her entire life. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the driver;

"Is this the place, ma'am?"

Sarah looked at the driver with a lost tone and said, “I'm sorry, what did you say?"

He repeated again, “Is this your destination, ma'am?"

Sarah in her thoughts tried to define what her actual destination was: was it to settle down with a decent profile at her work place or find the guy of her dreams whom she would marry someday and have kids with?

She was snapped out of reverie when a loud thunder struck outside.

"It's raining outside, ma'am. Do you mind saying where I should stop?"

"Oh sir, I'm really sorry. It’s been a busy day. That's the place on your right. Can you move a little forward?" Sarah requested.

"That would take few more minutes as the cars are jammed due to the heavy rain," said the driver.

“Okay, in that case I think I’ll alight here. Thanks for the ride. Here… keep the change! Thank you have a nice day,” said Sarah.

Sarah got down from the taxi and realised it had rain more than she imagined. She took her bag as refuge and tried to cross to the right side of the road. Soon after she had crossed, she realized that her boss was at a nearby magazine shop. She tried to hide while she got drenched.

She received a message from her manager on the WhatsApp group;

"It is okay to reach before 8:30 am, just be careful and don't catch a cold."

She realized she had half an hour more to get herself dried up and clean.

From a long sight, Sarah observed that there was a different guy at the magazine store. She went closer to take a look. She saw the man, and a little closer, she noticed he wore a blue jean with a light blue shirt; messed up hair and a crystal clear voice. She was amazed and stunned as she saw this man who seemed so different with the way he spoke to customers. Their eyes met, and immediately, she switched her gaze to the nearest magazine and pretended to read something on it.


"Hi, do you work here at The Suites?" asked the blue shirt guy.

Sarah in return was shocked to hear a man having a personal conversation with her at the very first statement he made.

"Uhm… Yes! I work here," said Sarah, faking a smile.

"Good to know. So aren't you supposed to be in your office?" asked the guy.

She finally looked through his eyes which was elegantly blue than his shirt and lost her speech. She was stunned by the beautiful eyes he had.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

“Actually, I have to go now… Bye!" she said, running back to her office, not bothering about her wet clothes.

As soon as she entered the office, Sarah heard the four musketeers whispering something;

"He must have gotten those eyes from his father," said Tiffney with a naughty smile.

"Why do u say so Tiff… I mean his eyes are perfect, aren’t they? We've got no flaws to mock him, he’s perfect" said Eliza.

"I totally agree to that! I mean that guy is so lucky, he could walk out looking like a piece of crap yet girls are going to fall for his deep blue eyes. Man, he's got something," said Marshall.

"Man, you sound like a gay now. Will you stop describing him! C’mon, you have Eliza already!" Sam said mockingly and the entire four laughed so hard.

Sarah wasn't the only one who noticed it, the entire office spoke about him and how his blue eyes looked.

At about 5:00 in the evening, when Sarah had finished with her work, she got down and waited for a taxi. She heard a smooth voice behind her, "Hi, how was your day? You’re leaving now?"

It was the blue eye guy himself.

"Hi, sorry I behaved that way in the morning. I was late to work so I had to leave. I'm sorry!” said Sarah, nervously.

“Oh, I totally understand, you were late to work. But you never answered the questions I asked you,” the blue-eyed guy said mockingly.

"Shit! I'm sorry! My day was good, pretty good. What about you, and what brought you here?" she asked, smiling.

"Mine was good too. I'm here at my friend's, just a quick visit for a week. I love books, magazines and stuffs, so I decided to look after his shop for a day while he takes some good rest at home.”

"Good to know. It was nice meeting you," said Sarah, looking at those attractive blue eyes.

"Nice meeting you too."

Sarah couldn't sleep the whole night. She ordered extra double cheese pizza which was right next to where she sat. She refused to eat; all she could think about were those blue eyes.

The next day, she got up on time even before the alarm could sound. She wore one of her dirtiest yet beautiful suit from her laundry basket. She wore some extra neat makeup, hoping to see her blue eye guy. She took a taxi and got down quite far off at the right side of the road. She decided to take a casual walk to her office to notice if the blue eye guy was actually there at the magazine store, or not.


She marched slowly towards the magazine store which was right next to her office. She saw that attractive guy and soon realised there was another guy at the store. Her smile faded; she put her head down in upset and turned towards to her office. As she began to walk, she heard someone say:

"Hello, good morning!"

Sarah turned as soon as she could, hoping it would be him.

It was him!

Sarah has never been so happy in her entire life; there’s something special about this guy.

“Hi there! Good morning!"

"I'm sorry… You were on your way to the office."

"No problem, I've got 25 minutes left," said Sarah with a broad smile.

“Would you like to grab coffee with me then?"

Sarah's heart pumped with joy and nervousness at the same time. She finally felt purposeful. Has she met her dream guy? Is this the guy of her dreams? She questioned herself.

Sarah was snapped out of reverie by the horn of a taxi.

“Yes! Coffee sounds great," she said.

Soon, they both went to a nearby café and sat opposite to each other.

“So, why haven't we shared each other's name? Did you realise that we are actually here without even knowing each other's name?” said the blue eye guy.

“Ironic, isn't it? I'm Sarah… Sarah Anders."

“That’s a beautiful name!!!"


"And what?"

"What is your name?"

“Oh, I'm really sorry. I'm..."

Sarah's phone rings...

“I’m sorry! It's my office, I have to go," said Sarah.

"Not a problem. Have a nice day!”

"You too!" said Sarah, rushing to her office which was more important than anything else to her.

Sarah walked to her office while the blue guy watched her go.

"Pete... I am Pete Jones!"

Sarah stopped walking and turned back slowly.

"I’ll see you around, Pete!" she said smiling.

Pete smiled in return.

The world stopped for a moment while both of them smiled at each other. What was it? Two people sharing everything about themselves for no reason. What was it??


Sarah was with her laptop but she couldn't work. All she thought about was Pete. She was surprised as this was the only time she found it hard to concentrate on the job she loved so much. She decided to freshen up. She sat with her files yet found it hard to concentrate.

She moved forward to the window to get some fresh air. She looked at the clouds and all she could think about was Pete. The blue sky reminded her of Pete’s beautiful blue eyes. When her sight came forward, she saw Pete standing outside, right opposite to her office. She couldn't stand a minute; she left the building and went to meet him.

"What are you doing here Pete?”

“I was here waiting for you to come."

“Why Pete? Why did you have to wait? Why should you? We are strangers and we know nothing about each other. We have met just twice and had few words talked."

“Sarah, relax. All those talks we had never ended; something had to come up each time. We deserve to know each other.”

“I mean Pete, do we deserve to know each other? What do you think?"

“Didn’t you think about me while you were in the office, Sarah?"

"Pete, answer my question," said Sarah looking at his blue eyes.

She looked at his eyes for the second time and felt cold breeze passing by her; all the tension between them vanished.

"You answer me, Sarah," said Pete.

Sarah obeyed without thinking twice, his blue eyes forced her to say:

“I thought about nothing but you Pete. You know I'm a lonely person, I have no friends, and I haven't spent times wandering, or partying. My job means everything to me. I would usually open my laptop and files with which I would get mesmerized, but today was different. I thought about you, and only you," said Sarah with a bit of tear in her eyes.

“Now you have the answer to your question. Sarah, we do deserve to spend some time with each other, don't we?”

"But why me? What made you choose me? I have nothing!”

Sarah began to cry.

“Sarah, please stop it!"

“We hardly know each other, all these emotions are nonsense."

“It’s not, Sarah."

“Well, why do you say so, Pete?"

“Sarah, no one has ever looked at me the way you do. People look at my eye and either appreciate or make fun of it. No one has ever seen it like the way you did when we met at the store for the first time. That moment lasted for just a second, but I always remember it.” Pete said emotionally.

“Pete... "

"I got these eyes from my mother who is so beautiful. My dad was a corrupted man who left my mum for other women. Mum never wanted me to know how alone she was, and also she never wanted me to miss my dad so she always sent me to different places, far away from her. I miss her so much. When I meet her during holidays, she gives me that look which says I love you so much than nobody can; that look which says I miss you my son; that look Sarah, means everything to me."

“But Pete... I'm obsessed with you now because of those beautiful blue eye you've got, but I have nothing. Please you will regret this. Let's forget this and move on. How long have we known each other?"

“Sarah...." Pete began to talk but was interrupted by Sarah.

"You have beautiful blue eyes which capture people by heart, it has so much of love and what not. But what do I have?"

Pete came closer to Sarah and placed a finger on her lips.

"You don't have blue eye like I do, but you have brown eyes which are as special as mine is. The look, the positive look with love and affection is what matters, rather than the colour. If I have you with me forever, I would always have a mother and would never miss her. So will you go out with me?”

Sarah was puzzled with emotions. She looked through his blue eyes and without any thought, she said “Yes". Pete kissed her on the lips.

The crowd outside her office cheered, “Looks like the blue eye guy found a chick already."

The four musketeers wouldn't stop talking about how Sarah dated the blue eye guy.

Just after work, Sarah met Pete outside her office.

"Uhm… Sarah, you remember right? I’m just here for a week; I would have to go back to my place and also meet my mother,” said Pete, with a plain tone.

Sarah was stunned to know that; she had forgotten about the whole thing – why Pete was here in the first place. She was totally broken. So is this over? She questioned herself.


She put up a positive tone though she was broken as hell.

“Yeah Pete, I remember. So what else then? What about us?"

“I’ve decided something, and I want you think about it and give me an answer." 

"What is it Pete?"

“Listen Sarah, I don't want to miss you like I miss my mum every single day... So will you move out with me to my place?"

Sarah was put into shock. She had no words to say at that moment; all she could think about was her work which she loved so much.

"Sarah, say something!"

"But Pete, what about my work? You know it means everything to me."

“Sarah, you can find another job there."

“What if I don't find one like what I have here, Pete?"

“So what Sarah? You won’t move out then?"

“I guess you have my answer, Pete!" said Sarah, not looking into his eyes.

“Call me if you change your mind,” Pete said and left.

While Sarah was on her bed nibbling the blanket and watching her favourite movie, her cheesy popcorn spilled out, and she came to her senses. She saw the couple on television looking at each other's eyes.

Sarah thought of Pete. She cried hard and realised she would never ever feel the same about any other person as she felt about Pete.

She decided to call him immediately.

Sarah dialed...

“Pete, are you there?"

Pete picked the call but refused to talk.

“Pete, can you please talk to me?"

“Please Pete I can't say whatever I want to say without you responding."

Sarah was almost in tears. She decided to go back to the magazine store to meet Pete's friend. She took a taxi and rushed to the place.

It was around 9:30 pm when she saw someone standing at the store with a black shade. She went closer to look at who it was. She touched him and said “Pete", while it was Pete's friend.

"Where is Pete? Can I please talk to him?"

"Pete booked an immediate flight few hours ago. He should be on his way now," said his friend.

“Thank you, Thank you!" she said with a breaking voice.

She moved forward, walked few steps and busted out crying. And then she heard;

“Sarah... Sarah Anders! Can I move out with you, at least?"

She turned as fast she could...

It was Pete who had come with his packed bags.

Sarah ran, hugged him with the fast bash, and kissed him.

“Can we at least spend the weekend there? So it would be like an outing. I could also use the chance to vacate the place and bring my stuffs here,” said Pete.

“But I didn't agree to it yet!"

“Didn’t you just agree?"

“When did I?”

“Like this," said Pete and kissed her again.

It lasted for a long time.

“Are you sure about this Pete?" asked Sarah with a low tone.

“Yes, I still haven't found a stable job so I could move in here and find out. Don’t worry about it, we'll get through with this," said Pete.

Though it felt as if everything moved a bit too soon, she believed, while she stared at his blue eyes.

Soon, they moved in together.

“Oh, we have a lot of laundries to do," said Pete, holding her underwear which had fallen under the bed.

“I guess so as I have nothing to wear tomorrow.”

“That works well for me," said Pete with a naughty smile. The thought of it made both of them laugh hard.


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