Life of a celebrity Ch.2 Ep. 1
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It's been three years now, and everything seemed to have died down. Eve had been written off by many. Yvonne flew her out of the country so she could get some emotional training and also usher her into the world of the top societal rulers.

Nkoli tore the letter into pieces just after reading it and promised himself that things were alright. He told Peter about it and made sure Bruno was tortured beyond human recognition for his incompetence. But then, Yvonne never failed to be a constant reminder.

"You tried to murder my child. Any moment from now, she will be back! Just wait and see!" 

No matter how hard he tried to wave the thoughts off, he still lived in constant fear.

"What's this, Simon? Why didn’t you touch the food I cooked today too?"

Sonia barked at him. 

They have been married for three years and he hadn’t even touched her. He ignored her questions and picked his car keys to go out;

"Don't you walk out on me, dumbass! Are we even married?"

He took off her hands from his suit gently and said;

"Good question. We are not! My grandfather married you, go to him!"

She held onto him tighter, she was ready for him today. She would make sure he doesn't go anywhere. He pushed her away with excessive force, his eyes turned red.

"Don't you ever!"

He didn't finish his statement before he walked out on her. While in his car, he went through the pictures of Eve that he had on her phone.

“I'm still waiting for you,” he said, “We have scores to settle.”

He kissed the picture on the phone and held it closer to his chest.

Peter was perplexed

"Father, we still don’t have any access to this company. The initial plan during the court wedding was that part of the shares in this company will be given to Sonia, which automatically becomes ours. But the judge says we can't have access to it. It’s been three good years! Is the marriage legitimate?"

Nkoli wasn't listening, he had received another letter again from Eve. Despite the numerous letters he had shredded, he kept receiving more. He got rid of all his secretaries yet letters kept coming in with the same words:

“I’ll return when your castle has been built to the brim. Eve.”

This was torment.


Peter woke him out of his reverie.

"The event awaits."

He quickly got dressed and hurried out. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to pair with "Celtic Film Production Company", one of the biggest film production companies in Africa. He wouldn't waste another minute.

It was a red carpet event and a chance to meet with the CEO. As they both attended to shutters and cameras, the CEO arrived in her limousine, adorned in a beautiful gold gown. Cameras and shutters turned to her direction, whisperers called;

"Is that not Eve?"

Nkoli fainted at the sound of that.

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Kofiposted on 29th Jun 2023 09:42:43

This is an interesting piece of story


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