Life of a celebrity Ch.2 Ep. 2
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The crowd was jam packed. Everyone wanted to see Eve. Cameras rolled; reporters and journalists pressed to take pictures and hear from her. She stood at the center of the carpet hall; pictures rolled everywhere, people murmured and shouted.

"OMG! It's Eve!"

"Is that not Evelyn?"

"That's Evelyn! I thought she was dead!"

News of her sudden appearance went live on every TV channel.

"The unexpected happened tonight as Evelyn Onyiyechi who was tagged dead resurfaced alive and healthy after three years."

Nkoli was still unconscious. He was filmed as Peter and his crew rushed to his aid. Within minutes, he was revived.

"She is here..."

He gasped out.

"Take those cameras away!"

Peter yelled at the reporters.

"Yes dad, she is here..."

Peter replied, his voice shaking.

"Yes, I’m here!"


Eve announced when she was face to face with Nkoli and Peter. She had that smile of mischief on her face. Bold and bright, sparkling and beautiful...

Nkoli couldn't take the shock, he fainted again.

Eve laughed heartily and gave way as he was rushed to the hospital, with reporters and cameras tailing from behind.

"It was incredibly strange today as Mr Nkoli Philips passed out twice at the sight of Evelyn Onyiyechi, who is now known as Evelyn Vandes.” The news presenter said, “Her sudden reappearance remains a mystery to everyone. It begs the question: why would Mr Nkoli be frightened at her reappearance? Does he have a hand in her supposed death? This remains a question only Eve or Nkoli himself can answer."

Peter switched off the TV and paced round the hospital ward.

"Dad, this is not good. We are in big trouble. The news is everywhere, what do we have to say to our defense?"

Nkoli was quiet, the sudden shock of Eve’s face was still vivid in his memory. He could remember how she laughed so well and that frightened him. But he wasn’t going to cower before her. He had plans to counter her advances. This battle isn’t going to go down so easy.

Simon had prepared to meet with the director concerning the movie "Spotlight". It had been abandoned ever since Eve was reported dead. 

As he entered the office, he met the director holding a TV remote in his hand, his mouth wide agape.

"Simon, are you seeing this?"

He questioned as he noticed Simon enter. Simon moved closer to have a better view.

"What's that?"

He questioned and then saw the woman on the screen.

"That's Eve!?"

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Life of a celebrity Ch.2

Table of Contents

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