This girl called Naa Part 1
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KODJO ASAMOAH  3rd Feb 2018
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Naa is the most beautiful girl I had ever met. She had these beautiful eyes that could make Odin himself fall in love. Her skin as radiant as polished gold. My heart skipped a beat in our inaugural meeting and I was mesmerised by her beauty. I asked my friend seated close to me as to who she was, and he replied, “That’s Naa, Magdalene’s friend”. 

It was a bright Saturday morning and we had woken up very early to prepare the dormitory for our weekly morning inspection. As seniors, we were obliged to supervise the juniors in ensuring that the dormitory was perfect enough for inspection as placing first comes along with bragging rights. I enjoyed supervising the kids; always felt good being in the commander’s seat. I watched them sweep the dormitory, arrange the chop boxes and trunks, scrub the floor (this was the most tiring duty of all as the floor had to look as clean as a whistle). Everything had to be perfect. 

Satisfied with the excellent work done, I rewarded myself with a cold bath as I got myself ready for inspection. Dressed in my all white attire - which signified victory - I was looking good and sharp. Taking a glance around the dormitory, it didn’t look like the mess it was the night before.


After inspection, we headed towards the dining hall for breakfast. With all our energy exerted in the morning’s activities, it was no surprise everyone came rushing to replenish their energy. We had a student favourite that morning - maize porridge with ‘boflot’ (deep fried bun loaves). Within minutes, we devoured the food in such hurry one would have thought we had not eating for days. The girls usually kept away from breakfast and lunch so there was enough to fill our ever-empty bellies. 

Filled with energy after breakfast, we decided to head towards the field for a good game of football. I really sucked at football but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying the beautiful game. At the end of it all, my team won with a sole goal. Guess who scored? It was me! Yes me, I was ecstatic.

Tired from all the morning activities, I decided to take a nap only to be awoken by the macho voice of my friend Kobby, who wanted us to go and study. Grudgingly, I said yes and dressed up. It took us about twenty minutes to walk from the dormitory to the classroom block; a journey that should have taken us less than five minutes. 


Unknown to me, Kobby had called his girlfriend over to the block so they could chat, explaining his behaviour of bugging me with the time. Thirty minutes into studying, Magdalene showed up. She greeted and then went on to sit beside her man. I looked at this guy with surprise written all over me. I had told him the day earlier that I hate being his third wheel. 

I wanted to berate him in front of his girlfriend but I paused for a moment when my eyes flashed the most beautiful girl I had ever met on campus. I suddenly became nervous. She had these beautiful eyes that could make Odin himself fall in love. Her skin as radiant as polished gold. My heart skipped a beat and I was mesmerised by her beauty. I asked my friend seated close to me as to who she was, and he replied “That’s Naa, Magdalene’s friend”. 

He walked me out and told me he had arranged with his lady to bring her over so I could talk to her. I was quite confused… What was I going to say? I had never spoken to a girl this beautiful. I became so tensed I sweated all over. Finally, I mastered courage and walked towards her. I looked her straight in the eye and said, ‘Hi, I am Kojo’.

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Comments (8)

Mattposted on 19th Sep 2018 07:35:36

@Kodjo, when is the next episode coming out?

Courageposted on 3rd Jul 2018 07:17:14

This is getting very interesting. Next episode please...

Kodjo Asamoahposted on 2nd Jul 2018 19:25:03

Hey guys, really appreciate the feed back. Second part is in, hope you do love it as you did the first. Thanks

Big Samposted on 24th Jun 2018 11:54:23

Wow Kojo! Canโ€™t wait for the continuation ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿป

pamelaposted on 5th May 2018 22:36:27

Please when is the next episode coming I can't wait ๐Ÿ˜˜

Country Talesposted on 31st Mar 2018 22:06:43

@Helen... We will publish it as soon as the author submits the second part

Helenposted on 31st Mar 2018 17:29:22

Nice one next pls

Ijiomaposted on 10th Mar 2018 11:12:10

Nice story. Waiting for the continuation

This girl called Naa

Table of Contents

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