The terrain
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The terrain

By Xorla Attadzeh   22nd Feb 2018
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It is a beautiful terrain,
Sometimes we pretend everything is alright
Even if all good things seem to wane,
But yes, everything is alright.

Sometimes we make decisions,
But the results turn to become the mistakes we've been trying to avoid.
Sometimes we are ruled by perceptions,
And all we meet along the path is humanoid.

Life on the terrain is really perplexing;
Yes, you ought to dance to the rhythm of joy and of pain.
What is life worth? I tried to find, wandering and wondering,
No poetic word could explain.

It is visible; i doubt not that it is feasible.
Accept it as it is and make no complain.
You cannot do more than you can;  do be affable.
Yes indeed, it is a beautiful terrain.

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About Xorla Attadzeh

Xorla Attadzeh is a visual and performing artist. He has been teaching Literature in some schools in Ghana for the past four years. He is also a good storyteller whose works contribute to "high school fever", a television series in Ghana. He is very sensitive to life and finds poetry a pleasant medium for expressing his thoughts. He is the author of A VOICE OVER DESPERATION, a book of inspirational poems. View profile

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Xorla Attadzehposted on 1st Mar 2018 09:26:52

I am glad it does, Martino

Martino asareposted on 23rd Feb 2018 20:42:31

The first stanza gives me hope.

Agbavor Kennedyposted on 23rd Feb 2018 07:34:30

Nice work

Zyan Adoleneposted on 22nd Feb 2018 18:21:07

Great Work Xorla