Hope again
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Hope again

By Godson Godwin   28th Mar 2018
1 mins read

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In this state of anarchy, trauma reigns supreme
Your head is invaded
By my countless lapses
I cry victim!
You cry traitor!
I have been condemned to hell
Even my heart condemns me
But hope still hangs around
Dangling around me
But do I trust it?
Will this rope lift me up 
If I cling to it
Or would it finally squeeze the air from my lungs?
Has it been all this while a delusion?
Is it there only to increase my anguish?
Whatever its purpose, I should not want to know
Another day breaks again
And still I hope again.

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Country Talesposted on 18th Jan 2019 12:34:54

@Haroon Rashid Bhat - Our team will get in touch with you and tell you more about how to get published on our platform. Meanwhile, you can reach us via [email protected] in case you don't hear from us.

Haroon Rashid Bhatposted on 16th Jan 2019 11:18:19

kindly guide me how i will despatch of written poems for publication