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I banged aunt Naomi’s gate continuously but it didn’t seem like opening anytime soon. With each unanswered knock, my fears intensified. I stayed outside throughout the night and promised myself that I would return home the next morning.

The morning came and my luggage was no where to be found; my bag had been stolen… my money and phone gone! I cried my eyeballs out until I forgot how to cry. And then hunger started.

I couldn’t just sit and die. I had always seen in the movies how people survived in the streets, only this time around I was the protagonist. I dusted off myself, tied together the pieces of gown Goliath had torn and then roamed about from street to street.

“Should I steal some food?” A thought flashed over my head. Hmmm… Nigerians would just kill me. There must be something I can do! I walked over a pedestrian bridge and from up there I could see young boys of my age making good use of the traffic jam: all they did was clean off dust from the windscreen of vehicles; and in return, offered somewhat negligible tips.

I hurried down there and pleaded with one of the boys to lend me his brush. My beauty, coupled with the nervousness written all over my face earned me my first 200 Naira. I rushed down to the nearest ‘Mama put’ to fill my empty tummy.

What next? I needed an urgent job which would guarantee my transportation back to the house. I attempted a car wash but the company settled for guys only. In a woeful state of mind, I made it to a fast food joint, but damn… I was too dirty to present myself. A notice displayed at the entrance, “Sales rep needed urgently”.


I sneaked to the security post. “Excuse me, sir!” I greeted with a tiny voice.

The security officer was a young and energetic man, but judging from his appearance I could clearly tell without evidence that he didn't attempt going to school at all.

"How you dey?" He replied, staring at dirty legs.

"Please sir, I want to apply for a job here but my dress is too dirty. Can you sort me out?"

He licked his lips uniformly as he stole glances at me. Eventually, he gave me an old clothe and a sheet of paper on which to write my application. Fortunately for me, the manager was about to leave the office; the security man alerted me to his presence.

I ran quickly in his direction and burst out in tears, explaining to him why I needed this job so badly.

“OK. I’ve heard you.” He said, “You can resume work tomorrow.”

I shed more tears.

"OK can start now"

He stared at me with a strange look that spelt surprise all over his face. He might probably wonder if I’m from this planet.

My heart sang melodious tunes of gratitude, reminding that there is hope for me on every step of my way. I’ve finally landed a job, but this is just the beginning of my story.

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Comments (30)

Country Talesposted on 2nd Jun 2018 08:40:37

@Pamela... It's war indeed

pamelaposted on 1st Jun 2018 16:30:30

Oh! My God bukky Wat will u do now hmm Dis is war😑😁

Kofi Elikemposted on 1st Jun 2018 08:56:33

Me too... @Pam

pamelaposted on 31st May 2018 16:42:58

Awww I pray madam Clara doesn't die

Country Talesposted on 29th May 2018 08:27:09

@Pamela @Kofi... We published episode 19 this morning.

Kofi Elikemposted on 29th May 2018 08:25:51

@Pamela... You've got company. I'm waiting for episode 19 too

pamelaposted on 28th May 2018 22:52:21

Oh my God I can't wait for bukky to teach vodka a lesson she will never forget and also, for jeremy I say a shame on him please I'm waiting for the episode 19

Country Talesposted on 22nd May 2018 18:13:09

@Pamela... The author will be happy to read your comment. We will post the next episode this evening

pamelaposted on 22nd May 2018 15:17:22

OMG this story is so nice and can't wait to read next episode

Country Talesposted on 16th May 2018 14:13:16

@Pamela... Episode 9 has already been published.

pamelaposted on 16th May 2018 09:06:57

I will really love to read the episode 9,i can't wait

Kofi Elikemposted on 7th May 2018 08:43:47

@Pamela... Me too

pamelaposted on 5th May 2018 22:26:15

I love this episode and can't wait for the next episode 😘

Matthewposted on 24th Apr 2018 13:29:32

Bukky is going through a lot. I hope she makes it quick

pamelaposted on 24th Apr 2018 12:13:57

I love this episode but I pray she makes it in life and make that Lizzy clean her shoes

Kofi Elikemposted on 19th Apr 2018 08:51:22

@Pamela... True talk

pamelaposted on 18th Apr 2018 21:43:36

That is a nice one

Ashwani Kumarposted on 12th Apr 2018 01:21:23

When u know something give me a ans of emotions moral story 108-150 words in a day or two..... focusing moral support story.. comments are must so plz...

pamela Adusei-pokuposted on 11th Apr 2018 16:52:00

Yes please

pamela Adusei-pokuposted on 11th Apr 2018 16:50:57

Please am waiting for the episode 4

Kofiposted on 10th Apr 2018 16:21:11

@Pamela... you mean episode 4 right?

pamela Adusei-pokuposted on 10th Apr 2018 10:54:48

please am waiting for the episode 3

Leenah Leanaposted on 8th Apr 2018 01:45:48

My blood is boiling and I just can't wait to read more 😍

salawu moses oluwaseunposted on 6th Apr 2018 07:04:07

can't wait for the whole story.

Cassandra Lenanaposted on 21st Mar 2018 13:29:34

Bring it on,,,,,

Country Talesposted on 20th Mar 2018 19:46:07

@Delali... We will publish the next episode on Thursday

James Delaliposted on 20th Mar 2018 16:22:38

Woooow, this's interesting. Can't wait for the next episode!!!! Pls when are we expecting it ????

Jamdiposted on 18th Mar 2018 14:45:27

I Can't wait to read this

Aminaposted on 14th Mar 2018 11:38:32

I'm waiting for the next episodes

Kofiposted on 14th Mar 2018 09:08:05

Wow... The intro has caught my attention a;ready. I can't wait to read the complete story

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