The girl
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The girl

By obi   22nd Apr 2018
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There is a girl who I still cannot understand
There is a girl who makes me man up to things
A girl whose beauty I cannot be drawn to
This girl who makes me strive to become me

I’ve met many a girls
Still this one stands out
She is the one who I can never stand
She makes my knees weak and feeble
I still cannot find the right words to say when I am with her
She’s my most fearsome enemy

Still her beauty captivates those who sit round me
Her eyes make me want to look at her all day
Think of her everyday

She’s the girl who stays at the other side of both my house and life
I do not know what brought so much rivalry between us
Yet I see her as my most deadly competitor

I do not know if I hate or love her
But she just always seem to amaze me
I am in love with her courage
In lust with her beauty
At war with her person
Still I wonder and ponder how we came to be
Distant like the sun and man

In my dreams I see her face
Smiling at me sheepishly
But in reality her look sends shivers down my spine
Maybe I think I understand
But I never seem to realize
That I may have fallen in love with my most vicious enemy
One who has promised to surpass me at everything I ever want to do

And now I sit here wandering if maybe a little apology would have made is better friends
As there is no perfect picture between us again.

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Mideposted on 29th Mar 2019 16:11:00

Good poem keep it up

Uwaehileposted on 29th Mar 2019 16:07:53

Nice write up