The clash of two rivals
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The clash of two rivals

By Daddy dee   2nd May 2018
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The weather is coloured
And the sky is soaked with red.
Mercy has gone into extinction,
Killing without hesitation.

Innocent souls fall like snow
The war is not ready to stop, no one knows
Coated irons are getting rust
And Lives are being blown away like dust.

Hope seems lost
The situation is getting worst 
A cyclic war
Yet, catches people unaware

There are clashes of swords
Guns with barbaric words
Blood flows like river
Clashes of the rivals are deeper.

The ring leader is dead
Bodies are laid down like harvested beards.
This is a challenge
And a call for a revenge.

The beginning is known
People are getting drown
No one knows the end,
No one too can mend...

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Bilal Ahmad Darposted on 21st Aug 2018 14:35:51


Kofi Elikemposted on 2nd May 2018 13:19:28

Nice nice.