Bisi - the other woman Ep. 4
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Bisi - the other woman Ep. 4

By Jon Doe   6th Jul 2018
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Stepping out of the car, Namdi walked up to the front door of their home. He paused, a slight wind blowing across his short curly hair. It was a simple door, made of cheap metal; his only input when the house was being built. More and more, it looked out of place with each passing day, like it did not belong with the rest of the house. With a practiced hand, Namdi lightly threw his shoulder into the door nudging it open. His mouth opened, preparing to shout out his wife's name. Excitement could clearly be seen in his eyes. The anticipation had built to a peak by this point.

“Zainab, where are...”


Namdi was unable to finish his sentence as his jaw dropped. In full view of the opened door stood Zainab in nothing but a violent red lingerie. On the top of her dark hair was a single red bow, the end of the ribbons framing her face. Namdi's gaze swept down her hourglass body, ending on the red stilettos she wore. His blood boiled, unable to look away, he stood rooted to the spot; oblivious to the bandage around two of her fingers.

"Surprise! Now come here and unwrap your gift.”

Zainab gently licked her ruby painted lips, her voice carrying a power Namdi could not resist. Taking two steps, he reached her. With practiced ease, he scooped her off the floor into his arms. Around his strong brown neck Zainab’s arms went, her pearly white teeth nibbling on his ear lobe. As he climbed the stairs, he could sense her flowery scent. She ran a finger along his bulging muscle, another bulge digging into her thighs.


Reaching their bed, Namdi began unwrapping his gift with abandon, enjoying how more and more of her smooth ebony skin saw the light of day. With one last pull of a string, she knelt there on the bed, unclad, chest heaving in a way Namdi found nothing short of beautiful. With feline reflexes she pounced, drawing Namdi onto the bed, nails burying into his skin drawing blood.

They made love like they never had, both panting as their desires spilled forth, bodies in sync. Emotions of guilt, love, hate and so much more intertwined, driving them to greater exploits, culminating in an explosive physical climax they achieved as one; but mentally Namdi had one more woman in that bed.

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Yakubuposted on 10th Jul 2018 00:41:07

Episode 5 pls .......

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