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TOYIN RACHAEL  25th Jul 2018
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“Tunde I‟m two weeks late," I informed him. "I'm very scared.”
“Pamilerin, you can't be pregnant." He said, "We always use protection except for those few times where we got carried away.”

“Those few times are enough to get me pregnant!”

“I think you should get tested first before jumping into conclusion,” he said. 

“I will get a pregnancy test strip from the pharmacy on my way back from school,” I said as I dress up for lectures.
Later in the day, we both came back from school as early as possible. I prepared dinner and dished it into a breakable plate. We ate together. 

“Babe, why are you not eating?" he asked, looking directly into my eyes. "You are just staring at the food.” 

“How can I eat!? I bought the pregnancy test strip on my way back from school and I don't know what the result will say. I'm seriously scared."


“Just calm down; let's see the result first.” 

“Tunde, what if I‟m pregnant?” I asked.

“When will you have the test?” he asked. 

“First thing tomorrow morning.” 

“Just calm down.” 

"All you've been saying for this while is 'calm down'. You're a man, and this won't affect you in any way."

“You think this won't affect me? Let's just wait till tomorrow morning; now eat your food.” 

“I've lost my appetite,” I stood up and sat on the bed. 

“You know starving yourself won't solve the problem, don't you? I'll cover the food; you can eat when you regain your appetite.” 

I lay on the bed to sleep but I couldn't sleep throughout the night. I thought of my life and my future. I come from a godly home where my parents did their best to raise up godly children, but see what love has caused me to do.

My conscience reminds me everyday that what I was doing was wrong; it's against my belief. I never intended to have sex in my relationship, not to talk of being a live-in girlfriend. But I did all this for the sake of love; the pressure from Tunde was too much that I had to succumb. Granted, staying together makes us bond very well, but I wonder what we stand to gain aside from the regular sex we had. See where it landed me!


"I'm pregnant; I'm very sure of that. I've never been this late since I started menstruating; the worse I've seen is three days delay," I thought to myself. 

While I was still thinking about the mess I had gotten myself into, I felt Tunde's hand on my body, trying to get me aroused. 

“Tunde, take your hands off me this minute!” I said angrily. 

“Babe, I'm just trying to help ease your worries.” 

“By having sex with me? I doubt if you are bothered one bit.” 

“Off course I am, I just want to..."

“Do you even love me? Because if you do, you won't be thinking about sex right now.” 

“I cant believe you just said that; you know I love you." 

"I'm beginning to doubt that. Just let me be, please." 

“I'm very sorry my love, I thought it will help. Stop giving yourself headache; we are not even sure yet.” 

“I get it; it's my body, not yours, and I know it if something it's not right.” I took one of the pillows, stood up from the bed and slept on the rug. 

“Please come back to bed, Pamilerin; I won't touch you!” he pleaded. 

I pretended as if I did not hear him. I just lay there on the rug thinking about what the test result will be. 

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