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TOYIN RACHAEL  2nd Aug 2018
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After youth service, I tried so hard to get a job but to no avail. I had no choice than to resort to teaching. I landed a teaching job in a private secondary school in Lagos where I was been paid 20,000 Naira as salary. Luckily for me, I had some students I coached privately.

The school was just a stone throw from my house, so I don't get to use up all my salary on transport. Also, because I stayed with my parent, my feeding was covered.

Tunde got a job in a private firm where he was paid 40,000 Naira as monthly salary. We were still in search for better offers. We applied for jobs online, with the hopes of getting a high paying job. We planned to settle down once we got a better offer.


All of a sudden, I noticed Tunde stopped calling, unlike before when he called at least twice a day.

I now do the calling; he acts so cold on phone. I asked him what the problem was and he said it's work, that he used to come back late and tired and just go straight to bed.

I was worried sick, wandering what was going on, because the Tunde I used to know won't go to bed without saying good night to me.

My house is very far from his, so I can only pay him a visit on weekends. I called on one weekend to inform him that I will be coming and he said he now goes to work on Saturdays.

Some weeks later, I got a call from him. I was surprised.

Tunde remembered me today. Maybe he has realised his mistakes,” I thought.

I answered his call.


"Hello, how are you?”

“I'm good,” I replied.

"Babe! I'm sorry for these past days. I've been very busy; work is hectic and I just hope you understand."

“I don't understand. Tunde, you are not the only one working. Why do you allow your so-called work to get in the way of our relationship?" I stated.

“See, I'm very sorry..."

Tunde, just listen to yourself; are you so busy that you can't spare thirty seconds to make a phone call? I'm not even asking you to call, but at least you should pick mine if you find it too difficult to dial my number.”

Pamilerin, I know I've taken this too far, but I promise to make it up to you," he pleaded.

I couldn't believe my ears; so he could actually apologise.

“It's okay! Just promise you'll always find time for us, even in your busy schedules."

“I promise babe. Are we good now?”

“Yes we are,” I smiled. At last he has come back to his senses.

“Can you come over to my place on Saturday? I've missed you.”

“Are you not going to work?”

“No, I'm free this Saturday.”

His sudden change of attitude still baffles me. Is he trying to pull some prank on me, I wondered.

“Hello! Are you still there?” His voice brought me out of reverie.

“I'm here. I'lll come on Saturday.”

“Good, that's my girl. See you on Saturday then. I love you."

He has hurt my feelings repeatedly that I can't even tell if I still love him or not.

“I love you too!” I replied.

On Saturday, I went to his place. I fixed a meal for us to eat. After we had finished eating, he began to make sexual advances towards me.

Tunde, I'm not here for this. What we need at this point in time is not sex; I think we should talk."

“Talk about what again?”

Tunde, what do you take me for, a door mat?”

“Where is that coming from now?”

“We are drifting apart; I don't know if you feel what I'm feeling.”

“See, there's nothing to talk about. We are fine.”

Before I could say jack, he was all over me. At first, I didn't respond. How can I sleep with someone who doesn't treat me right or make me happy?

He stopped when he noticed my coldness towards him.

“Everything will be fine now, I promise.” He assured me.


“Babe, I love you. I miss you.” He said, kissing every part of my body. Eventually, I gave in; maybe he meant every word he altered.

Tunde practiced all kinds of stunts on me. I'm very sure he's been watching adult films lately, because those moves were out of this world. He made me do all manner of dirty things I can't even talk about.

After he had satisfied himself, he fell on his bed and slept off. I cried as I watched him sleep. I felt dirty, I felt like trash. My whole body began to ache.

I woke him up when I was ready to leave.

Tunde! I'm leaving,” I tapped him.

“Okay, you can leave. I'll give you a call.”

I couldn't believe my ears; not even a prostitute deserves this kind of treatment.

“I said I'm leaving. Won't you see me off?” I said angrily.

“See, babe I'm tired. Please let me be. Is that too much to ask?” he barked at me.

“Fine! Go ahead and sleep. Honestly, I can't blame you; I'm the one who played the fool.” I said and stormed out of his apartment.

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