Bisi - the other woman Ep. 13
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JON DOE  19th Aug 2018
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A single petal fell from a rose residing in a vase half full of water. Lazily, it floated in the air currents created by a softly humming air conditioner. Candle light danced below the petal, threatening its path, giving the room a soft glow, interrupted by the occasional flickering shadow. At the mercy of the artificial wind, the petal traveled over an ornate table bearing the weight of a hand bag resting beside a neatly folded suit, shirt and trouser. Its journey did not last long. Its final resting place, the well defined abs of a fully stripped Namdi in full view of Bisi.

"You bitch! What did you do to me!?"

Namdi spat as he realized he didn't have on a single stitch of clothing. She ignored him, flicking the needle at the tip while depressing the plunger a little. A small stream of liquid squirted out of the syringe. Walking to the side of the bed, she could feel Namdi watching her every move. She relished it, basking in his gaze. Her eyes fell on his body. “Beautiful; mine;” she thought, her knees lightly resting on the thick carpet. She couldn't resist, her finger reached out to trace his chocolate coloured abs. Bisi marveled at the firmness of each one, working her way around the petal. Namdi twitched.



Namdi's tone softened, a stark contrast to the rest of his body. The needle she held made him rethink his options. He had to convince her he wanted this as much as she did so she'd uncuff him. Hearing his change in tone, Bisi turned to him, her heartbeat rising.

"Hyoscine, highly concentrated, introduced into your blood stream with a tiny pin prick"

"But how did you carr..."

"It doesn't knock you out baby, merely turns you to putty in my hands. Hardest part was your clothes, though that was quite enjoyable."

Bending forward, she kissed him, right above the petal, her breath washing over, slightly nudging the fragrant rose. Namdi groaned, his eyes closing, body tensing, some more lost memories floating to the surface.

"The rest will come to you, give it time. You'll see I didn't make you do anything you didn't want to. "

"I remember, your car... you drove me here; where is this place?"

"Where we are doesn't matter sweety, all that matters is we are here together and you can make as much cries of passion as you please. No one will hear us."

Thoughts of shouting for help were discarded by Namdi. Unless she wasn't telling the truth, but could he risk it? No. He couldn't take that chance.


"Kiss me Bisi, let me feel your lips on mine"

A shiver went through her, she hadn't thought she'd hear him say those words so soon. Rising, she knelt on top of Namdi, her thighs clasping his sides, his chest bearing her weight with ease. Her scent flooded his senses, clouding his mind, filling it with euphoria. He struggled to not fall over the edge, shielding his thoughts as best he could, looking for an opportunity. He would escape, he must escape.

With her free hand, Bisi ran her fingers through his curly hair, falling forward till her lips were mere inches from him. She could see his breath fog, in sync with the rise and fall of his chest, an ocean beneath her. She waited with lips slightly parted her eyes locking with his. He had to make her believe she had him, mind body and soul, Namdi told himself. His head moved up, their lips connected and a bomb went of in their minds, shredding all thought but the basest of instincts. A thirst and a hunger manifested, demanding to be appeased, the lips of the other the quencher.

Out of breath, Bisi pulled back, both their lungs heaving, fighting the breathlessness. Gasping, Namdi stared at her, then looked at the cuffs on his hands.


"I want to... hold you... in my arms Bisi..."

"I ...know you... do Namdi,... I'll... grant your wish."

She said between gasps for air. Barely believing his success, Namdi eased the defenses in his mind, a sense of relief making him complacent. Curiosity got the best of him. Catching his breath he looked deeply into her eyes.

"Bisi, what do you truly want?"

"No. Namdi, it's what 'we' truly want. You really think your little ploy will work?"

With no warning, she plunged the needle into Namdi's side, injecting him with the liquid.

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