Bisi - the other woman Ep. 19
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JON DOE  17th Sep 2018
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On a white carpet the petal landed, a stark contrast to its hue. It lay there at the mercy of the world around it, unable to affect its fate, a finality to its tale. All it could do was lie and wait, feel as life fades. Its end already written while set in stone. The opening and closing of a door, the author and finisher of its fate.

Climbing out of bed, Bisi walked through the door of the bathroom. In front of her stood an image she had fought hard to win back. A tentative finger reached out touching the imprints his hands had left on her neck. She winced from the pain. In it, an inexplicable pleasure; peaks hardening through white snow, lotus flower experiencing morning dew. She reached out to touch the image in front of her. So young was her thought, finger tracing two unadorned full lips. Turning, she stepped towards the bath.

Hot water gushed from the shower but Bisi did not step inside. She returned to the mirror from whence she came. Once again, her finger traced the hand print bruises on her neck, wincing from the pain. From the counter, she grabbed a few pill bottles, popping different amounts into her mouth and swallowing. The bathroom soon fogged up with steam, obscuring her image in the mirror. Her finger reached for the mirror, a single goal in mind. Finishing, she appraised her work. A simple heart surrounding the names Namdi and Bisi.



She uttered while giggling, relic of a school girl. Her nightie made its home on the tiled floor of the bathroom. She stepped in to meet the nearly scalding hot water. The ever increasing steam soon obscured the art she had created. Standing there, an altered state took her mind wandering while the water traveled along every curve of her body. Eyes closed, she let her tightly kept soul free, knowing the darkness would be kept at bay for a time. Memories that had been suppressed due to the risk of what else they bore came to the surface. She became unaware of the passage of time, reliving moments of the past she could never return to.

Stepping out of the shower, her eyes went straight to the mirror. Seeing nothing, her heart filled with angst. Swiftly, she made her way to the bathroom counter, a drawer flung open. Rummaging through, she paused; her hand on a necklace hidden at the back. Lovingly she rubbed the attached pendant, a single tear rolling down her cheek. Hand balled up in a fist, she rubbed the tear away, grabbing a now visible lipstick. Popping the cap, she admired the hue of red it bore. Fiercely, she began her work again, the pressure exerted deeply imprinting on the mirror. The simple heart surrounding the names Namdi and Bisi returned, now a deep shade of red.

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