Handsome Harry Ep. 8
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Handsome Harry Ep. 8

By David   26th Mar 2019
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Having heard all of their conversation, Juliet decided to use her wits to escape the rape.

Harry returned into the room and undid his belt, then put off his trousers. He put off his shirt and had only his underwear on. Juliet liked his brawny body. He was attractive and sexy; Juliet was seeing him in that state for the first time. He got to the bed and climbed on the helpless girl.

"Harry, you said you love me, and you like Sam too?"

He nodded.

"If you truly love me, then you shouldn't ruin my life."

"You mean I should not take away your virginity?"

She frowned.

"I did not say that I’m a virgin."

"But Sam said that."

"Sam would never say such a thing!"

"He said it."

"What if I tell you that it's a lie? That I lost my virginity since twelve?"

"I'll not believe you. Sam is sure about it even though you never told him. I know he won't leave you, even after this."

Harry lowered himself on her, "No, Harry!" She struggled.

He pinned her down.

"Harry, I'll make you regret this!"she bursted out in fury, "Let me go! I don't love you!"

Harry laid his hand on her shirt but paused.

"I made some findings about you and discovered that your dad is a military man with a really high rank. Sir Ben, isn't it?"

She looked away.

"Why did you not report me to him?"

"He'll kill you! The fact that he seems not to have so much time for me does not mean he'll see me get hurt and fold his arms."

"Are you sure of that?"

She sniffed, fighting back the tears, "Go on, you'll regret it all the rest of your days, Harry. I bet you."

He tittered, "I don't take threats, especially from girls."

He turned her face towards his, "Look, you've got to accept this as your fate."

"Harry, please let me go..."

He shook his head as he brought it close to hers. She closed her eyes and a tear dropped as their lips met.


The kiss was fervent and lasting than Juliet had expected. She could not free herself anymore and Harry seemed to be out of the present world. He suddenly jerked his head up; looked like he had seen a ghost, as he set his eyes on Juliet.

"Harry! Harry! What's wrong?" she asked.

"You... You! It's you, Julie. It's you that I saw. I can remember..."


Harry climbed out of the bed, went for the keys in the drawer and freed Juliet. She jumped out of the bed to the door but halted at the door.

"Harry, what happened?"

"Juliet, I love you. I'm sorry about this, I was wrong."

"What are you saying?"

"I had a dream about you some few days ago. In that dream, I found out that you related to Sam; you may be his step sister."

Juliet hissed, "Just that?"

"No! In that dream, you and I got married."

"You must be out of your mind," she scoffed.

"I don't see us getting married in my own dreams."

"Juliet, I'm serious! This dream was six years ago, when I had my first sleep here."

Juliet chortled, "Joseph the dreamer, or are you Daniel?"

"I'm serious Julie, my dreams always come true, no matter what. You're Sam's sister!"

"Harry it's not possible! He knows my dad very well, and I've heard him speak on phone with his mum on several occasions. His dad was an influential businessman before he died while my own dad is a highly ranked army general."

"And your mums?"

"His mum is a judge, and mine is…" she trailed off.

"A judge too," Harry helped.

Juliet shook her head, "That doesn't mean anything; we are already aware that our mums have the same occupation, and..."

"Have you ever seen her before?"

She kept mute.

"OK. Go and find out for yourself! If that part of the story is true, the other would automatically align with itself."

"You're only day-dreaming. I know my mum's voice, and in hundreds of years time, I'll clearly identify it."

"Juliet, I..."

She ran out and Harry smiled.

"You'll be mine! Mine forever!"

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