Why I can't love again Ep. 1
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ELISHA UMOREN  26th Aug 2020
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The past few days had been a tug of war between my father and I. I had brought home the man of my dreams with a goal in mind: introduce him to my parents and seek their approval on marriage. Surprisingly, dad bluntly said a big no to our marriage.

My dad was initially very receptive and welcoming towards him. They talked for a while as if they had known each other prior to this meeting. Upon asking, I got to find out that they attended the same secondary school back in Offa, Kwara State. Everything seemed to be going well until my dad asked about his religion. He mentioned that he is a Christian.


Dad was certainly not pleased to hear that. Frowns were very visible on his face and he couldn’t control the cold attitudes that followed next. 

Dad had never had any reservations towards anyone, irrespective of the religion. I had friends of both sexes who were good Christians and dad never objected to our friendship. This came as a big surprise for mum and I, especially when dad stormed out of the dining room angrily after finding out Ben is a Christian.

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Why I can't love again

Table of Contents

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